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Babyface Ray Arrested on Outstanding Warrants; All You Need To Know

Babyface Ray has made an unfortunate name for himself, spending time behind bars. Babyface Ray, a famous rapper from Detroit, is no stranger to the criminal justice system and has been arrested multiple times. The most recent of these arrests occurred in April of 2019 when he was taken into custody after being charged with two counts of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and one count of possessing marijuana with intent to distribute.

Why Was BabyFace Ray Arrested?


Recently, Babyface Ray was arrested in Oakland County, Michigan, based on many outstanding warrants. The allegations against the rapper include driving with a suspended license, missing court for a child custody trial, and possession of a weapon.

According to accounts, the rapper’s BMW halted, impeding traffic in the middle of the road. When the police arrived to resolve the issue, they ran his license and placed him under custody.

After his arrest, the vehicle was towed. According to reports, he was driving a new car and dissatisfied with its features. He was brought to the jail in Oakland County. Recent activity on his social media accounts suggests he may have been released from prison.

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About Babyface Ray

Babyface was born on February 7, 1991. Marcellus Rayvon Register, sometimes known as Ray, is from Detroit, Michigan. After graduating high school, Ray and another rapper, Peezy, joined Team Eastside. His first mixtape, MIA Season, was released in 2015, followed by Ghetto Wave in 2017 and MIA Season 2 in 2019.

He took a two-year sabbatical and released an EP titled Unf**kwittable in 2017. Ray later recorded a few singles with Big Sean and Hit-Boy. This year saw the publication of Ray’s debut album, Face, and his second album, Mob. Both albums reached number one on the Billboard charts.

Moreover, he is active on Instagram, with approximately 910,000 followers. Most posts depict him performing at various locations and promoting his new projects. 

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Final Words 

In conclusion, Babyface Ray has been arrested on outstanding warrants concerning firearm possession and distribution charges. This is another example of why taking responsibility for one’s actions is essential, as Babyface Ray’s alleged involvement in criminal activity led to his arrest and detainment. The case is still ongoing, and more details are expected to be released soon. It should be noted that this incident is not reflective of the broader hip-hop community, who continue to work hard and create meaningful music and art.

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