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Is August Alsina Gay or Straight?

People are more curious about the sexualities of famous people than ever before. Some questions, like the one about George Clooney, are completely out there, while others, like the one about R&B singer August Alsina, have some substance.

Although Alsina isn’t as well-known as Clooney, he became renowned in 2020 following his “entanglement” with Jada Pinkett Smith. Worthy, Pinkett Smith’s memoir published in 2023, goes into some detail on the actress’s separation from Oscar-winning husband Will Smith at the time.

From Alsina claiming Will had given him his blessing to Jada denying any involvement in the affair to Alsina singing extensively about the ordeal in his song “Entanglements” to Jada admitting to the love affair to Alsina referring to the Smiths as “family,” there were several stages to the aftermath of Pinkett Smith’s “entanglement” with Alsina. It is, in fact, a very epic tale.

Considering Alisa’s overt displays of affection for women, why would anyone suspect she is gay? Although there is no such thing as a binary view of sexuality, Alsina did provide some food for thought when he appeared to come out on The Surreal Life.

Is August Alsina Gay?

It’s not quite a coming-out moment, but Alsina’s speech on The Surreal Life does sound and feel like a sexual confession. Let’s dissect August’s speech.

Alsina claims he has been pushed out of his comfort zone and into facing his concerns because of the show. The chance to “let others see themselves through me” and “use my voice and share my voice on a platform like this” is something August expresses her gratitude for.

“Has taught me love in so many different forms and facets,” August continues, describing his time on the season. He elaborates by saying that his love “defies all the constructs”:

There was a new manner in which love appeared. This individual has taught me so much about love and healing, and I want to thank them by sharing that with them. Because it goes against all the preconceived notions about what love should be like, I would want to perform it publicly.

They embrace and say “I love you” after Alsina screens a male. From what I can tell, it’s been coming out as gay. But the man’s identity makes things more complicated.

Zu is the name of the man who helped compose 2am and Yeah Yeah with Alsina. In addition to being a model, Zu represents August’s skincare line, Encina Wellness.

The fact that Zu is introduced following August’s remarks implies that he is dating Alsina. On the other hand, Zu is supposedly Alsina’s sibling; August even refers to him as “little brother Zu.” August and Zu, who may be brothers, sent birthday wishes to their “MF mama” in a video that went live on Instagram on July 18, 2022.

Fans have accused VH1 of using editing techniques to create ambiguity. This tweet by @onnaelise10 sums up everyone’s bewilderment regarding August’s sexuality:

I am completely bewildered by all of you. It seems like there’s a split opinion here: some think that’s August Alsina’s lover, while others think it’s his brother. Now tell me which one it is; they’re completely different.

August Had Multiple Girlfriends Before Jada

August Had Multiple Girlfriends Before Jada

August Alsina told Angela Yee, he had “never been in love” prior to his connection with Jada. Before his entanglement with Pinkett, he implied that he didn’t experience romantic feelings for the women he dated.

As of 2013, Alsina was seeing Mandy Williams. August was linked to Kayla Phillips while they were together, and it was later reported that she was seeing Justin Bieber.

After breaking up with Williams permanently, Alsina began dating Miracle Watts. Although their romance ended abruptly in 2016, they continued to be good friends.

August and Jada’s romance began in 2017 and lasted until 2019. Alsina has not been seen openly dating anyone since the separation. According to an insider who spoke with The Sun, August intends to publish a book on his romance with Jada:

A lucrative book agreement detailing August’s extramarital affairs with Jada is about to be finalized. August will discuss his stay with Jada in depth, as well as his time spent living in Will’s houses when he was abroad filming. As a result, he is delighted to share his experience with the many individuals who find it fascinating.

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