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Linda Kasabian Cause of death: How did the Notoriously Popular Woman Die?

Sadly, Linda Kasabian, 73, a member of Charles Manson’s infamous “Manson Family,” has passed away. You can find the cause of death of the infamous woman from this article.

How did Linda Kasabian die?

TMZ stated that the 73-year-old former member of the Manson Family had died, albeit the cause of death was not specified. The tabloid was able to obtain her death certificate, which said that she passed away on January 21 at a hospital in Tacoma before being cremated. In order to distance herself from her past as a member of the Manson Family, the paper also revealed that she had legally changed her name to Chiochios.

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Linda Kasabian
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Who actually is Linda Kasabian?

Troubled young vagrant Linda Kasabian joined Charles Manson’s cult, where she played the role of lookout and getaway driver during a horrific Los Angeles murder spree and later became the prosecution’s star witness. Ms. Kasabian met Charles Manson in July of 1969, when she was 20 years old, a single mother to a newborn girl, and still reeling from the breakdown of her second marriage.

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Linda Kasabian
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His wild-eyed charisma immediately took her as he invited her to join his community of outcasts and drifters, who called themselves the Family and converged at a ranch outside of Los Angeles. She entered this world on June 21, 1949, as Linda Darlene Drouin in Biddeford, Maine. Her mother took her in after her parents divorced, and the three of them settled in the town of Milford in southeastern New Hampshire, where she grew up.

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