Increase in demand for cleaners and commercial cleaning sector in Canada

Due to Covid-19 epidemic, there has been a rise in hospitals, banks and public spaces for cleaning and disinfection efforts. This demand has spilled over to an increase in demand for cleaning employees for both the residential and commercial sectors. Cleaning services include a wide range of services required by commercial and residential sectors. It comprises maid services, window cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet & upholstery cleaning, and other cleaning services, which are used by residential and commercial consumers.

These services have gained popularity, owing to factors such as growth in construction activities, investment in real estate, increased disposable income, and growth in number of working women, which have led to progressive cleaning services market trends.

Opportunities in the Cleaning Industry

Cleanliness will always be a necessity that never goes out of style. Additionally, many businesses are looking to expand to more regions precisely because of this demand! Considering what to specialise in? Check out some home cleaning, office cleaning, and speciality cleaning business opportunities.

Residential Cleaning

The biggest driver to propel the residential cleaning industry is simply because of time squeeze. While home cleaning may have appealed to older retirees in the past, businesses have reported that they’re starting to see more clients in their 30s-50s engaging home cleaning services.

The biggest reason being – that few hours saved allows Americans to spend their weekends with their family, rather than fussing with the chores at home. The Household Cleaners Market is estimated to be worth $40.38 billion by the year 2025. This change in lifestyle is only the beginning for the potential of the home cleaning industry.

Commercial Cleaning

The importance of creating a conducive and clean working environment is so important to the wellbeing of employees. Based on the Global Cleaning Industry, Commercial Cleaning reigns as the most promising and profitable segment of the industry both in terms of market share and growth. In 2019, Commercial Cleaning companies captured a whopping 55% of the market share!

A new focus for Commercial Cleaning companies would be on-demand cleaning jobs on top of routine cleaning jobs. These pockets of opportunity will definitely come in handy to cash some extra (thousands of) dollars in revenue.

Speciality Cleaning

Let’s face it – most of us are clueless how to clean our rugs and carpets at home, or despite our routine effort to vacuum the dirt out of the carpets, it just isn’t the same as engaging in cleaning services to give everything a deep cleanse.

Speciality Cleaning is a business model known to be recession-proof – when it comes to windows, flooring, carpets and more, we can’t quite do the trick without professional engagement.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Adding on to the list of chores Americans outsource because they don’t want to do it – laundry is one that’s high on the list. This little business is definitely one that customers come back frequently, especially once it becomes part of their lifestyle.