How to Immigrate to Canada as an Marine Engineer

Engineering opportunities in Canada are rife; the construction of naval vessels for the Canadian government, including six arctic offshore and 15 surface combatants, has created a demand for engineers, production staff and senior leadership positions. As with many other skill short engineering sectors, the Canadian maritime industry also faces the challenge posed by an ageing workforce.

In Canada, there are plenty of ways to apply as a skilled worker including both fast-track and traditional pathways. The federal government has unveiled plans to introduce over a million workers into its workforce within the next three years, especially sourcing in-demand and skilled occupation workers to boost the local economy in different sectors.

Why Work As an Engineer in Canada?

Engineers are necessary for Canada for a number of sectors that are currently not being filled by the local workforce due to a lack of skills. Therefore it’s not only an occupation that is in-demand but also one that Canadian employers are willing to pay higher salaries for. There are also several different avenues open in the field of engineering such as civil, chemical, computer, and electrical, not to mention professions that specialize in a mixture of skills. 

You can make anything between $50, 000 per year as an entry-level worker and $300, 000 per year as a senior in your field of engineering. There are also the added benefits of free basic education and free public healthcare to ensure that you and anyone dependant on you are taken care of. Another plus is that you get to take your pick of provinces/territories that you’d like to settle in because they all have room for engineers in one stream or another. 

Canada is Looking For Top Notch Marine Engineers

Undoubtedly, engineering opportunities in Canada have escalated in the past few years, especially in the marine field. With the government focussing on constructing naval vessels there is a rise in demand for production staff and engineers in all positions including for senior leadership posts. The country has not been into building ships for the last two decades and hence at present does not have the expertise for building ships. The country also is facing challenges due to the aging workforce in the Canadian maritime industry.

That is why it is looking out for top-notch marine engineers. The country wants to build a perfect team of marine engineers and skilled workers in this field. So the chances of immigration for marine engineers with good qualification and experience are quite high.

Difficulties You May Face in Canada After Immigrating as Marine Engineers

While the picture is quite rosy, there have been a few experiences that make one wonder regarding the authenticity of the whole situation. Many marine engineers who went to Canada with the hope of getting a good post in the Canadian navy were forced to work below their qualifications. From working at petrol pumps to waiting tables for guests in restaurants, these qualified engineers have to work on meager wages to survive in Canada.

The current scenario is that although Canada is hiring marine engineers from various countries, it is being quite selective. So how can you fulfill your dream of working in Canada as a marine engineer? According to experts, there is no direct entry for an immigrant in the marine field as such. You must immigrate to Canada and upgrade your COC according to Canadian standards. And all this can take a lot of time.