COVID-19: find out what’s going on in Canada and throughout the world

COVID-19 vaccine coverage of over 80% is required, according to the UN health agency’s emergency chief, to greatly reduce the risk of an imported coronavirus case generating new cases or spawning a bigger outbreak.

“High levels of vaccination coverage are the way out of this pandemic,” said World Health Organization’s Dr. Michael Ryan.

Ryan’s remarks to journalists in Geneva on Monday came as the WHO and many global health advocates are pressuring developed countries with vaccination access to share more doses with developing countries that desperately need it.

A recent spike in instances in the United Kingdom has been attributed in part to a rise in cases associated to the so-called delta variety, which first surfaced in India.

The delta form is spreading in more than 60 countries, according to Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s technical head on COVID-19, and is more transmissible than the alpha form that initially arose in Britain.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 1,391,174 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Canada, with 25,712 deaths; these totals provide information regarding the overall burden of COVID-19 sickness to date. They also inform us, together with the findings of serological research, that the vast majority of Canadians are still susceptible to COVID-19.