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How to Give Your Dog a Happier Halloween: Advice from the Vetster Experts

Halloween is a time of year that many people love. Adults love to party and have spooky fun, kids love to go trick-or-treating and indulge in candy, and even pets like to join in the fun sometimes. In fact, a lot of dog owners get their pets involved in the Halloween festivities, and while this is not a problem, it is vital for dog owners to consider the safety of their pets. This will help to ensure your dog also gets to enjoy a happy Halloween.

Unfortunately, there are various issues that arise each Halloween with dogs, and this includes problems relating to things such as Halloween treats for dogs or costumes for pets, as the infographic below shows. Naturally, you do not want your pet ending up in the dog emergency room this Halloween because of these issues, and this is why it is important to take care when it comes to your dog at Halloween.

There are various things that you can do in order to protect your pet and ensure your dog has a happier and safer Halloween. We will look at some of these in this article.

Steps You Can Take

In order to keep your dog happy and safe this Halloween, you need to keep a few things in mind. Some of the key ones are:

Be Careful What Your Pet Eats

One of the things you need to do at Halloween is to be very careful what your dog eats. This is a time of year when there is lots of chocolate and candy flying about, and your dog would love nothing more than to get its paws on these goodies. Sadly, human chocolate and candy are very bad for dogs and can be toxic, so you need to ensure you do not share your chocolates and sweets with your pet. Instead, invest in some quality dog treats.

Choose a Simple Costume

If you are planning to get a Halloween costume for your dog, you need to ensure that you keep it simple. If you go for something too complicated, it will not only cause discomfort for your pet, but it could also lead to your dog getting to attachments and loose bits, which could cause a choking hazard. Something as plain and fuss-free as possible is ideal to reduce the risks and make sure you also go for quality for safety and comfort reasons.

Speak to the Kids

If you have kids, it is also important to speak to them about your pet’s safety. Make sure they are aware of the importance of not giving your dog human treats, and that they hide any goodies away out of paw’s reach. In addition, warn them about things such as the dog escaping when the door is opened for trick-or-treaters so that they ensure your dog is behind a closed door before doing this.

These are some of the things that you can do to give your dog a happier Halloween.

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