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How to Get Rid of Phone Spam With a Virtual Phone Number?

If you are bored with annoying calls from various services and credit organizations, then this article is for you. Today I will share with you a way to avoid spam on your phone on the Internet and what to do if your mobile number is already full of various advertising messages. It is necessary to protect yourself from the torrent of advertising, not so much for the purpose of not getting annoyed, but for your financial and personal security.

The fact is that every year the statistics of fraud via cell phone increases. People are losing a lot of money because of these phone scammers. The situation with scammers on the internet is out of control so, people are losing millions of dollars because they can’t recognize the scammers’ calls. In addition to this, one simply gets tired of receiving unnecessary calls or texts with various offers or services.

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What kind of calls do you usually get on your cell phone:

  • Getting a loan on favorable terms.
  • Receiving a variety of surveys from companies.
  • Connection of different services.
  • Advertising for products or services, notification of discounts, and promotions.

The thing is that during the call it is hard for ordinary people to understand if the caller is really a representative of a credit organization or that these scammers have decided to cash in on your credulity. So in no case do not disclose your personal information by phone or on the Internet in general. Most often such calls come early in the morning or in the evening when a person is absolutely not ready to talk. Most importantly, such calls can be unnerving or distracting from really important matters.

What are some ways to get rid of unnecessary calls?

Based on all this, most people wonder if it is possible to get rid of unnecessary calls and what it takes. Let’s look at this question in more detail with examples.

You can get rid of telephone spam by using a virtual phone number

The easiest and really working option to get rid of phone spam on the Internet is to use a virtual number instead of your own.

As everyone has known for a long time, most companies, social networks, and applications require your mobile number when you register. It’s no secret that such databases of numbers are hacked and sold to advertising agencies and other people for mailing lists. Some of them may be unscrupulous and use these mobile numbers for fraudulent purposes.

To avoid this, you can use a fake phone number for SMS, which you can get in just a few minutes from a specialized site. Such phone numbers can be used to register and verify online accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and other platforms that require a mobile number to complete registration.

How to get a virtual number, 4 simple steps:

  1. Complete registration at This can be done using social networks, or you can specify your e-mail.
  2. Refill your balance, a virtual number of this plan will cost you a few cents.
  3. Choose the country of mobile operator (250 countries in the list) and the service where you want to confirm your phone number.
  4. Press the “buy” button opposite the chosen service.

After completing these simple steps, you get a virtual number you can use to register. In this case, keep your personal mobile number secret and protect it from spam. So you remain completely anonymous and forget about unnecessary calls and SMS.

If you are already exposed to spam and your phone is attacked by fraudsters and collectors, we suggest:

  • Change your SIM card. As sad and pathetic as it is, it’s pretty much the only way to get rid of spam forever. If you’ve been using your phone number for a long time, there’s a good chance that it’s already within the reach of many credit and other organizations. Now it is no longer a secret that databases with contacts are transmitted and sold on the Internet on various resources. Or as it is called in another way “information dumping”. It is after such words bases begin to call us day and night, boring their clichéd phrases: “There is a profitable offer for you” or “Take a social survey. And most importantly, no matter how much you hang up, they still keep calling, using different cell phone numbers. It’s very annoying and irritating. So the option of changing your number, great, but only for a while. Until your phone number is back in the database.
  • Use special phone settings. Most smartphones now have a built-in feature called “Blocking Unnecessary Calls” or “Blocking Hidden Calls”. Any smartphone owner can disable the display of incoming calls from unknown numbers in the settings of their device. But there is a risk of missing a really important call.
  • Use the services of your service provider. All mobile operators now have services to limit unwanted calls and SMS. They can be connected both for a fee and for free. They also have such a service as “caller ID”, which helps identify and automatically reject calls from hidden numbers.
  • Using third-party special software. There are now many different programs and apps freely available to help block unwanted calls and texts. To find the application you need, simply go to Google Play or AppStore. When choosing such an app, first of all, read reviews about it and look at the rating.


Only choose proven apps to protect your device. Try to use only verified services, read reviews and look at the rating, the higher it is, the better for you. Also, try to keep your personal number lower online and only give your contacts to trusted people and platforms.

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