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What is the Best Flashlight for Hunting at Night?

A person cannot see normally at night. Because of this, he needs various light sources, with the help of which it will become easier to view the surrounding objects.

A popular and frequently used product is a flashlight. Most often it is quite compact, reliable, and easy to operate. Thanks to these qualities, it is suitable for beginners and professional hunters. With its help, they illuminate the territory, search for fowl and move safely through the forest.

Types of lights every night hunter needs

Nowadays, dozens of devices are available to hunters to help them see well at night. Despite this, many continue to use simple flashlights. Five types of such products are suitable for hunting. Each of them perfectly shows itself in certain situations, therefore, before choosing a specific model, it is necessary to study the features of all suitable devices.

Handheld lights

Handheld lights are considered ideal for hunting. In most cases, they stand out for their minimal weight and compact size. All this has a positive effect on the ease of use of products. Models emitting light of a certain color are suitable for tracking prey and orienting in the night forest.

Therefore, depending on the characteristics of the event, a specific option is selected. In some cases, hunters take several light sources of different shades with them at once. This makes it possible to adapt to changing conditions and hunt different animals.

Hand flashlights do not take up much space in the car and do not become a serious burden when carried in a hunting backpack. This will eliminate any discomfort from the operation of products. Models of this type have several disadvantages. The first of these is the impossibility of installing high-capacity power supplies. This results in the need to frequently change the batteries or recharge the battery with an additional power source. The second disadvantage is low power. Because of it, users can only illuminate a small area.

Weapon light attachments

A night hunter’s equipment must include weapon flashlights. These products are fixed on the weapon and help its owner aim faster. Also, models of this type increase the accuracy of shooting. This is due to the fact that they only illuminate the target and do not scatter light onto surrounding objects. In addition, this feature helps to track animals and not frighten them with artificial lighting.

In most cases, gun flashlights are universal. They have a special nozzle in their design, which makes it possible to change the intensity of the radiation and the shade of the light flux. Thanks to this, it is possible to adapt the product to the environmental conditions, which change every 10-15 minutes at night.


It is always difficult to illuminate the territory and keep weapons ready at the same time. To simplify your task, you can use flashlights that provide fixation on the user’s head. These devices free your hands, allowing them to do other work. This feature makes headlamps perfect for hunting in any terrain and at any time from dusk to dawn.

Headlamps are very handy when you need to move around a lot in search of prey. They do not prevent a person from avoiding various natural obstacles (for example, leaning tree branches) and do not create difficulties while walking along difficult paths (through passes, ravines, water obstacles, etc.).

Another advantage of headlamps is a large number of additional features. This is found in almost all models produced today. At the same time, do not forget about the shortcomings. The main thing is the overestimated cost of products.

Feeder lights

Feeder models are a good choice for professionals. These devices are suitable for baited hunting where it is not prohibited by law. Light sources are used to illuminate the place where the bait is laid. The emitted light is always soft, so the animals quickly get used to it and stop being afraid to approach the delicacy offered to them. After that, they enter a well-lit area and become visible to the shooter. The last thing left is to aim carefully and not make a mistake.

Feeder lights work autonomously. They do not require constant control by a person, thereby freeing his hands and allowing him to simultaneously perform another task. The sufficiently large dimensions of the light source make it possible to install powerful batteries, thanks to which the flashlight can work all night.

When hunting, several varieties of such devices will be useful. The first ones provide for placement above the place where the bait is laid, the second ones – on a nearby object (for example, a tree), and the third ones – near the user (the rays are directed to the place where the bait was left).

The optimal of the listed options is selected depending on the characteristics of the terrain, the behavior of animals, and the available lighting conditions.

Blood tracking lights

It is far from always possible to kill a large animal with the first shot. Very often it gets injured and tries to hide from the eyes of the hunter. In this situation, you can track down the prey and finish it off by following the traces of blood. To detect them in the dark, special blood tracking lights are used. These light sources make it possible to see drops of blood on almost any surface and easily determine the direction of movement of a wounded animal.

The effectiveness of such lanterns depends on the current conditions and features of the event. The least useful of these devices will be in the fall when there are a lot of red leaves on the ground and it will become difficult to distinguish traces of blood.

What is the best color light to not spook animals?

Flashlights are different from standard fixtures suitable for daily use. The main distinguishing feature, experts consider the possibility of using several color options for light radiation. Each of them will be useful when hunting some animals and ineffective – on others.

The best colors for hunting certain animals:

  1. Ruminant artiodactyls (deer, elk, roe deer). These animals are most often targeted by hunters. All of them are distinguished by the excellent taste of meat and its benefits for the human body. They are also famous for their horns, which are often the main reward for a hunter. To track down such animals, it is better to use flashlights that emit red light. It is practically not perceived by ruminant artiodactyls and does not cause fear. As a result, a person sees the animal perfectly in the dark, but it does not run away and hide in dense thickets.
  2. Non-ruminant mammals (boar, warthog, forest pig, skunk pig, and others). Representatives of this species are considered pests. They multiply rapidly and in order to control the population, a permit is introduced to shoot them. This is used by nocturnal hunters who kill non-ruminant mammals mainly because of their tasty meat. Going hunting, it is recommended to choose flashlights with green light. It is well perceived by the eyes of animals but does not cause them discomfort. Because of this, mammals calmly continue to go about their business, not paying attention to humans.
  3. Feline (lynx, puma, lion, tiger). Animals from this family will be excellent trophies for any hunter. All of them are graceful, attentive, and careful. For stalking these representatives of the fauna, models with a green or red light tint are equally well suited. They do not scare the animals and forced them to seek a safer place.
  4. Mammals-predators (wolf, fox, coyote). These animals see quite well at night. Because of this, hunting them requires flashlights that emit soft light. It does not cause them discomfort and does not become a sign of approaching danger. The best option would be a diffused red tint. An alternative to it is point white light.

It is difficult to imagine a hunter who does not have a flashlight. This common fixture is an indispensable source of light that makes any nighttime activity easier and safer. There are many design options for flashlights. All of them have special characteristics and are most effective only in certain cases. If operate such a product correctly, you can increase the chances of success and reduce the likelihood of various difficulties.

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