How Old is Leorio

Leorio Paradinight is a Rookie Hunter and an individual from the Zodiacs with the codename “Hog.” He is at present a clinical understudy, with an objective to turn into a specialist. He is a 19 Years Old teenage guy.

Leorio is a tall, masculine-looking, genuinely solid youngster with little earthy colored eyes, dark hair, and a spiked group trim. He ordinarily wears a dim blue tailored suit, dark shoes, and a couple of tea conceal shades. A portion of the characters, for example, Killua close to the start of the story botch Leorio for an elderly person.

However, he is in reality much more youthful than he looks, being a teen toward the beginning of the series.

Leorio is at first presented as an extremely egotistical narcissist who places extraordinary accentuation on material riches. Regardless of his statements that he is solely after cash, he ultimately uncovers to Kurapika that his fantasy is to one day become a specialist to help poor people.

how old is leorio

He accepts that everything on the planet (lives, dreams, and so on) can be purchased and that turning into a Hunter will give him the fundamental assets for his clinical instruction. Because of his first disagreement with Kurapika, just as the test en route to the pilot’s lodge, it appears to be that he has an affectability for the people who don’t view him in a serious way or treat him with disregard.

His genuine needs appear to be companions first, then, at that point, his fantasy about turning into an incredible specialist, with all the other things subsequently.

Leorio isn’t one to recoil and withdraw when confronted with overpowering chances in a fight. A reliable, dependable partner who extraordinarily values the ties of kinship, he behaves like the ‘elder sibling’ of the gathering. He frequently gives lighthearted elements Killua here and there criticizes him for his nearly more seasoned age, in spite of the fact that he swears that his appearance is that of a simple youngster.

His imprudent and reckless nature has some of the time raised more ruckus for individuals around him.

One more style he has is his capacity to ‘straight-talk through numerous current conditions. It very well may be seen that his nearest relationship in the gathering is with Kurapika in light of the fact that they have invested the most energy with one another.

how old is leorio

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