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Stranger Things Season 4: How Did Eleven Get New Powers?

Stranger Things Season 4, vol. 2, has a lot of big plot twists, including one that gives Eleven a vast new power. After letting people think about what happened in vol. 1, the last two episodes of Stranger Things season 4 were even more dramatic than many people thought they would be.

They tied together the plots of the different groups and brought them all back to Hawkins to set up the exciting end of the popular Netflix show. Even though everyone changes throughout their arcs, Eleven’s may be the most interesting because she seems to get a new power at the end of the season.

Over the course of the show, Eleven’s skills have become more transparent and more straightforward, but Stranger Things season 4 may focus on them the most. Eleven seems to have lost her powers at the end of season 3, so most of her storyline this season has been about getting them back. Training them has been more of a side goal.

In the Stranger Things season 4, vol. 2 ending, Eleven’s powers not only come back, but she also seems to use them in a completely new way. This is because, at the end of Stranger Things season 4, vol. 2, Eleven seems to use her powers to bring Max back to life after her plan to use herself as bait for Vecna goes wrong.

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The team is able to find him because of what she did, but Max is starting to fall for the Stranger Things bad guy. He is showing signs of becoming the fourth victim and the final death that the Upside Down’s forces need to destroy Hawkins.

As Lucas begs Max to stay in the real world, Eleven is able to connect with Max through The Void and see her friend’s last moments. She refuses to let Max die and thinks back to the times they spent together trying to use her powers.

Since the show ended two days after Max was shown to be alive, it seems that however Eleven planned to use her powers to bring Max back to life, it worked.

How did Eleven’s powers make Max come back to life?

Max did die in this scene, as the Stranger Things season 4, vol. 2 finale shows that she was dead for a whole minute before Eleven used her powers to bring her back to life. Max spends the end of the season in a coma, but she seems to be brought back to life by Eleven. This brings up a lot of questions about how this new power works.

The answer probably has something to do with how Eleven’s powers work with Vecna’s powers. First of all, it is essential to remember that Vecna and his powers killed Max. It makes sense, then, that Eleven would be able to fight whatever capacity killed Max and reverse its effects to bring her back and stop a Stranger Things Max death.

Vecna uses the bad memories of the people he wants to kill to kill them, which is why he uses Max’s memories of Billy against her. It makes sense, then, that Eleven’s series of good memories of Max’s life can bring her back.

Also, it is essential to note that these memories are all about Eleven and Max’s time together, not memories she can get from Max’s mind. This suggests that Eleven’s emotional response to these events may be what lets her bring Max back to life.

Eleven’s powers have been used to hurt people when she has been furious, so it makes sense that she could also use them to help a friend in trouble when she thinks of happy memories and feels good about them.

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This kind of motivation has been seen before on the show when Eleven used memories of her mother to send Henry Creel to the Upside Down. It also seems to be how Mike’s confession of love helps her.

How strong is Eleven After Stranger Things 4?

Contextually, it is essential to remember that the scenes where Eleven seems to use her powers to bring Max back to life do not happen in the real world. This means that the main character of Stranger Things has not been able to get the dead back to life just in time for the last season.

But since the first episode of Stranger Things season 4 was about her trying to get her powers back, she has come a long way in a short amount of time. Stranger Things season 4, vol. 2, makes a point of showing over and over again that Eleven is not as powerful as Vecna. The fact that Eleven somehow survived his own death adds a lot to this idea.

Still, the Nina Project seems to have done its job of making sure Eleven is strong enough to at least have a chance against Henry Creel’s powers, as she is now able to go back into The Void, has regained her telekinetic powers, and seems to have a better understanding of what her powers are and how they work because of her training and the memories they found.

Eleven could become more powerful in the long run if she could use her connections with people and the love she has for them in conjunction with her powers. This is how she seems to be at her strongest.

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This would explain why Eleven was finally able to beat Vecna at the end of Stranger Things season 5: he chose to cut himself off from people instead of growing from them.

After her training, Eleven might be more potent after Stranger Things season 4 than she has ever been before. This is something she will definitely need, given how the final season is going to go.

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