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Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and Other Update

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Hotel Del Luna is back for Season 2! We’re so excited to be back with our second season. It’s been a long time coming, but we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

The new season will have all the same great features that made the first one such a hit, including our signature blend of drama and comedy, plus some exciting new surprises. And don’t worry if you missed out on Season 1 – we’ve got you covered with an exclusive preview of what’s in store this year. Watch Hotel Del Luna now on Netflix!

Are you looking forward to Hotel Del Luna Season 2? Hotel Del Luna was one of the best fantasy fantasies from the Hong sisters, directed by Oh Choong Hwan from the Dragon studios, at a good price.

The tvN drama had a 16-episode run and concluded with the largest viewership on the finale episode, which earned it a spot in Netflix’s Korean drama series. Hotel Del Luna was shown on tvN from July 13, 2019, to September 1, 2019, with 16 episodes ranging in length from 73 to 94 minutes.

It was the most seen 2019 tvN champion when it aired, making it one of the most significant Korean dramatic works ever produced for digital television.

The soundtrack also received numerous accolades, including the best of the best OST. It has a very high rating of 8.2 out of 10 on the aggregator review site as an IMDB, which is excellent news considering that the series is shown across the world now.

Hotel Del Luna Season 1 Review (Recap)

The action depicts Jang man wool played by IU and Gu Chanung performed by Yeo Jingoo. For 1,300 years, Jang Man Wool has inhabited the hotel. Kim, a young woman who was previously sentenced to run the hotel in order to atone for the deaths of many people, gradually softens after meeting Gu Chan-sung.

Hotel Del Luna announced the appointment of Chan-sung Gu as the new general manager on Monday, August 21. He went to Harvard for a master’s degree in business administration and has been hired as an associate director at one of Korea’s top hotels.

Because his father made a deal with Jang Man-wol 21 years ago, Chan-sung is forced to be the general manager of Hotel Del Luna. Hotel Del Luna is unlike any other hotel, owing to the fact that it is operated by supernatural beings who are unable to pass over into the afterlife as a result of unfinished business on Earth.

Kim Eun-young and Kim Woo-jin go through a lot of difficulties to resolve the hotel’s financial crisis, and they rely on each other as the obstacles grow. But after a time jump, they are back together, keeping the promise.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date :

Season 1 of ‘Hotel del Luna’ debuted on Netflix September 2, 2021. The programme premiered on tvN on July 13, 2019, a week before the streaming giant. The show’s first season aired twice a week till September 1, 2019. The first season has 16 episodes ranging from 73–94 minutes.

Neither the creators nor the original network have confirmed a sequel. It’s been nearly two years since the first season aired. So fans are apprehensive about a sequel. However, the season 1 finale leaves possibility for a possible sequel. The show’s popularity has skyrocketed since its Netflix debut. If the show’s popularity surpasses Netflix’s estimates, the streaming giant may launch a sequel.

We do know that the creators haven’t ruled out a second season. So, while the prospects of a sequel are slim, fans shouldn’t give up hope just yet. If a second season is approved in the next months, ‘Hotel del Luna’ season 2 might arrive as early as 2023.

The show’s producers, Studio Dragon, have teamed up with Skydance Media to bring the concept to the Western market. The US adaptation was announced in June 2020, but no more updates have been made. Fans of the programme have a lot to look forward to in the coming months!

Hotel del Luna Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

In season one, Ji-eun Lee (Jang Man-wol) and Yeo Jin-gu (Goo Chan-seong) are in the lead roles. As well as Kim Seon-bi and Kim Seon-bi, Shin Jeong-geun, Ji-Hoon Pyo, Choi Seo-hee, Ma Go Shin, Seo Yi-Sook, Lee Do-Hyun, Kang Hong-Seok, and Sanchez also play important roles.

For the second season, Yeo Jin-gu is likely to return. However, most of the other actors who play the hotel staff, as well as Ji-eun Lee, aren’t likely to return because their character arcs come to an end at the end of season one. Kang Hong-Seok, Hyun-Chul Cho, and Seo Yi-Sook might come back for the new season. In season 2, Kim Soo-hyun, who makes a cameo at the end of season 1, is likely to play a bigger role. We might also see a new female lead and other new cast members in the second movie, which is coming out soon.

Hotel del Luna Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

As a guest at Hotel del Luna, Chan-seong helps Man-wol and the rest of the hotel guests move on to the next world. In another life, Chan-seong and Man-wol say they’ll see each other again. In the end, Hotel de Luna is gone, and the Ma Go Shin commissions a new hotel called Hotel Blue Moon for the lost souls who are wandering around on Earth. The hotel is called Hotel Blue Moon. In the end, the season looks at who owns the new hotel.

It’s possible that if the show gets a second season, it will follow Hotel Blue Moon’s staff and new owner. New manager: We will see a new manager come into the picture and work at Blue Moon to help souls move on to the next world. Hong sisters also want to focus on a male owner in season 2, and that seems to build on the tease at the end of the first season.

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