Here’s all you need to know about Katie Thurston’s “Men Tell All” special


Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette is finally going to end which indicates we just have few things to look forward to this season. The question remain’s who’s gonna get Katie’s final rose? And the drama that bounds to occur “Men Tell All” and the “After the Final Rose” specials!

Reality Steve just dropped some interesting details about “Men Tell All,” and let’s treat our inquisitive selves with it.

As we recall, Emmanuel Acho hosted the “After the Final Rose” special for Matt James’s season ‘The Bachelorette’ knowing the controversy that happened with Rachael Kirkconnell while the show was airing. But it seems Emmanuel won’t be hosting “Men Tell All” because according to Reality Steve, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams are once again hosting!

This tells us that- an Us Weekly source talked about Tayshia and Kaitlyn and basically they were wonderful cohosts during their time and this results that they would have them return for this part of Katie’s journey!

The source said, “Tayshia and Kaitlyn can relate to Katie’s journey in a lot of different ways, which you’ll see play out, so it was nice to have them there to help out with whatever situation came up. Tayshia had fun and loved doing it. She and Katilyn made a great team.”

A second source shared, “Tayshia and Kaitlyn have had to learn how to cohost and it’s taken time. They’re lovely to work with and they get along with the crew. It’s just completely different with them cohosting.”

It will bring you a lot of happiness to know that Katie’s “Men Tell All” special will have tons of unfiltered audience reactions!

Per Reality Steve, “Men Tell All” taped this past Thursday in front of an audience.”

Reality Steve said,” there were about 12 guys there total” at the taping last week. Steve didn’t list all the men who will be at the present at the special, but he added that “Michael A. and Andrew were both there since they’d just been eliminated.”

To break it to you, Justin Gaze, Greg Grippo and Blake Moynes are Katie’s final three dudes.

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