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Here Is The Complete Explanation Black Adam Post-Credits Scene; Everything You Need To Know

After the credits roll, there is a scene in Black Adam that could be a sign of big things to come in the DC Extended Universe.

With the release of Black Adam in theatres around the world, Dwayne Johnson’s dream of bringing Black Adam to the big screen has finally come true. 

Nearly 5,000 years after being imprisoned, Black Adam has been released from his tomb and is prepared to once again employ the enormous abilities bestowed upon him by the Egyptian gods to impose his own distinct brand of justice on the world. Black Adam will encounter new difficulties in this new contemporary era, including the Justice Society’s Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone, who want to send him back into perpetual slavery.

There is a lot to analyse in the movie, but if you’ve found yourself on this page, it’s likely that you’re either about to watch the movie or are already in the cinema debating whether it’s worthwhile to stay for the credits.

Does Black Adam have a post-credits scene?

If you plan to see Black Adam in a theatre, be sure to stay seated after the credits roll because there is a post-credit scene to appreciate. The main title sequence begins to play after the movie concludes, and it is followed by the one and only post-credits scene.

Yes, the movie contains just one enjoyable Black Adam post-credits sequence. Although the film only has one post-credits scene, it packs a punch and is likely to leave viewers talking. We realize it’s sad that there aren’t more scenes to enjoy.

Explanation of the Black Adam post-credit scene

After the movie’s events, Black Adam goes back to Kahndaq where he is greeted by the one and only Amanda Waller, who has come as an unexpected guest.

Waller, who appears as a hologram drone, tells her he has her undivided attention and that if he believes staying in Kahndaq is in his best interests, he would do so. This is going to be your only warning, Waller warns: if you don’t want to remain in my prison, that’s okay; Kahndaq will serve as your new prison. You won’t live to regret taking even one step outside of it.

Black Adam informs Waller that no one on Earth can stop him, which is when she reminds him that she has the power to request a favour from people who aren’t from this world because she doesn’t like threats.

He then issues a challenge to Waller: send them all before he destroys the drone being used as a means of contact. This results in a scene that fans probably believed would never happen again in a movie from the DC Extended Universe. Henry Cavill, back in his role as Superman, comes out of the smoke of the destroyed drone wearing a redesigned super suit that will probably send shivers down the spines of moviegoers.

As the screen fades to darkness, Black Adam gives Superman a curious look before confessing that it’s been a long time since somebody has made the world as nervous as Black Adam has and that they really “should chat.”

Fans will likely appreciate how the incident appears to have altered the course of the DCUE. Although it was thought that Cavill’s time as Superman was over, his participation in the Black Adam post-credits scene indicates that he’ll be playing a significant part in the franchise’s future, which is what fans had been hoping for.

According to his performance in Black Adam, there have been suggestions that Cavill will reprise his role as Superman in an upcoming movie. It’s also crucial to note that Johnson has been vociferous in opposing Man of Steel and Black Adam on the big screen, suggesting that there may be a bigger scheme at work.

It’s unclear whether Cavill will play Superman in a future Superman movie or a Black Adam sequel. We only know that the future is promising for both the Man of Steel and those who had hoped to see more of Cavill in the DC Extended Universe.

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