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Haikyuu Season 5: Will the Series be renewed for another Season?

Haikyuu Season 4 ended with the Nationals in Tokyo, where Karasuno High beat Inarizaki High by beating the powerful Miya twins in a nail-biting match. Haikyuu Season 4: To the Top! has 25 episodes describing what happened in this one match and introduced us to some interesting new and old opponents.

About Haikyu Series

Haikyu is one of the most popular sports manga and anime in the world, and it has been at the top of its genre since it started to be published in February 2012. The first three seasons of Haikyu came out in 2014, 2015, and 2016, but season 4 was made in two parts. The first set of episodes came out in early 2020, and the second tour ended in December of that year.

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When will Haikyu Season 5 be released?

Now, after more than a year, we finally know what will happen with the Haikyu anime. According to HITC, the Japanese website for the show has confirmed that the series will end with a two-part movie, not season 5. “The production of the “HAIKYU! FINAL” anime sequel theatre version two-part production has been decided,” the trailer said. Before this announcement, there was some confusion about whether or not this next episode would be the fifth season of the main anime series. As was already said, this started when season 4 was split into two courses, and when the second course started, many fans and news outlets thought it was the fifth season.

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To be clear, there have been four TV anime seasons of Haikyu so far, and a two-part movie in theatres is more likely to end the series than a fifth TV season. Fans all over the world are happy to hear that the anime is coming back, but most people wouldn’t have been surprised to see Haikyu on the big screen. The main reason for this is that the anime hadn’t yet adapted the whole manga.

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