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Greg Gutfeld Age: Unraveling The Financial Success of A TV Icon!

American television personality, political analyst, comedian, and author Gregory John Gutfeld. He is the host of the late-night comedic talk show Gutfeld! He formerly hosted The Greg Gutfeld Show, a Saturday night edition of Gutfeld!, from May 2015 until it was announced the show would move to weeknights in March 2021.

The political discussion show The Five has five co-hosts and panelists, including Gutfeld. The Fox News Channel carries both of his programs. From 2007 to 2015, Gutfeld served as the host of the late-night chat show 3 AM series Red Eye, which was also shown on the Fox News Channel. We will discuss Greg Gutfeld’s Age further, so connected with us until the end.

Greg Gutfeld Age

Gregory John Gutfeld is an American television host, political commentator, comedian, and author.  He Was Born September 12, 1964, in San Mateo, California, the son of Jacqueline Bernice “Jackie” and Alfred Jack Gutfeld. As of October 2023, He is 59 years old. But on September 12, 2024, his age will be 60 years.

Greg Gutfeld Height

The search to determine Greg Gutfeld’s height has produced conflicting findings. He actually stands at 5 feet 5 inches and meters 1.65m and centimeters 165cm, dispelling all rumors about his height. By confirming the facts and putting the suspicions to rest, this confirmation helps Gutfeld’s public image.

Greg Gutfeld Age

Early Life of Greg Gutfeld

The son of Alfred Jack and Jacqueline Bernice “Jackie” Gutfeld, Gutfeld was born in San Mateo, California. He was brought up as a Catholic, going to the all-boys Roman Catholic Junpero Serra High School and the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned his bachelor’s in English in 1987.

In a 2009 interview, Gutfeld detailed how his political perspective began to shift while he was a college student: “I became a conservative by being around liberals, and I became a libertarian by being around conservatives. You realize that there’s something distinctly in common between the two groups, the left and the right; the worst part of each of them is the moralizing.”

Greg Gutfeld Career

As a producer for the political magazine program “The American Spectator,” Greg Gutfeld launched his television career. After that, he was a staff writer for “The Huffington Post” before beginning to contribute to “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld” on the Fox News Channel in 2007. In 2011, he joined the cast of the afternoon discussion show “The Five,” and in 2015, he debuted his own late-night talk show, “The Greg Gutfeld Show.”

Gutfeld has published several books in addition to his work on television, including “The Joy of Hate: How to Triumph over Whiners in the Age of Phony Outrage” and “The Bible of Unspeakable Truths.” Additionally, he has frequently appeared on shows like “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Hannity.”

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What is Happening In Greg Gutfeld’s Personal Life?

After dting Elena Moussa for five months, Greg wed her in December 2014. Russian-born Elena, a former model, met Gutfeld in London while she was working as a picture editor for “Maxim Russia,” and he was employed for “Maxim U.K.” At the moment, they call New York City home.

Greg has stated that despite being raised as a Roman Catholic, he is now an “agnostic atheist.” According to Gutfeld, he was a conservative in college until he switched to libertarianism.

Over the years, Gutfeld has made a number of contentious remarks for which he eventually apologized, including one in which he disparaged the Canadian military. He minimized the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 by claiming that the media was attempting to elicit an emotional reaction.

Greg also faced backlash in 2023 after saying that slaves acquired abilities that might be used for personal gain and then inferring the same for Holocaust survivors.

What is Greg Gutfeld’s Net Worth?

An American writer and TV personality with a net worth of $18 million is Greg Gutfeld. The “The Greg Gutfeld Show” on Fox News is where most people are familiar with Greg Gutfeld. More than 1,800 episodes of his former program, “Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld,” were broadcast between 2007 and 2017. In addition, Greg has published nine books, four of which have achieved New York Times Best Seller status.

In order to host “Red Eye,” a comedy panel show that aired at three in the morning, Greg joined Fox News. He was granted another show to host in 2015, which was changed to “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and then just “Gutfeld” after he had been promoted to host another program called “The Five” in 2011.

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