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Bernie Taupin Net Worth: A Tale of Love And Lyrics!

An English-American lyricist and visual artist, Bernard John Taupin CBE. He is well known for his songwriting collaboration with Sir Elton John, which is regarded as one of the most fruitful collaborations in music history. The majority of John’s music, which dates to the 1960s, was composed by Taupin.

Taupin responded to a call for fresh songwriters placed by Liberty Records in the music publication Fresh Musical Express in 1967. They met after John responded to the same advertisement, and they have subsequently worked together on numerous albums. The Songwriters Hall of Fame honored Taupin and John in 1992.

Bernie Taupin’s Net Worth

Famous English songwriter, singer, songwriter, and poet Bernie Taupin is estimated to be worth between $220 million and $260 million. His extremely valuable song collection, which he co-wrote with the great Elton John, is the main source of his wealth. Taupin is notably credited with writing the lyrics for many of Elton John’s greatest songs, including “Your Song,” “Rocket Man,” “Tiny Dancer,” “Candle in the Wind,” and “I’m Still Standing.” ” Are included.

Early Years of Bernie Taupin

In Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England, on May 22, 1950, Bernard John Taupin was born. Bernie, who was raised by a family with French ancestry in a farmhouse without electricity, subsequently moved with his parents to another home with power.

Taupin, who grew up with two brothers, quickly demonstrated that he was not as intelligent as his siblings. But even as a young child, he displayed a talent for creative writing.

Bernie Taupin Net Worth

He began working at a local newspaper as a trainee when he was 15 years old. He shortly resigned from this position, though, and he and his pals began traveling across the nation. He played snooker, went to dances, and drank a lot. He had been earning a living through several part-time jobs when he responded to a fateful newspaper advertisement.

Bernie Taupin Career

A Liberty Records audition was advertised because the record label was looking for fresh talent. Bernie and Elton John, who was at the time a complete unknown, both failed the audition. John was permitted to see Bernie’s poems after being turned down. John got along with Taupin after falling in love with his lyrics. They started composing songs together right away.

Taupin and John worked together on more than 30 recordings over the years. When John and Taupin temporarily split in 1977, Bernie was free to collaborate with a variety of other musicians. Alice Cooper was one of them.

The two had resumed their collaboration by 1980. In addition, Taupin is credited with penning the lyrics for a number of movies, including “Aida,” “The Lion King,” from 1994, and “Billy Elliot.” The script for “Rocketman,” the biopic of Elton John, was also written by him.

Bernie Taupin shared a post on Instagram about ‘Rocketman ‘ Drama’s best motion picture.

Taupin penned almost too many hits for Elton John to count. These include well-known tunes like “Rocket Man,” “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting,” “Bennie and the Jets,” and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” The 1980s and 1990s saw more hits, such as “Sad Songs,” “Simple Life,” and “Believe.”

The partnership between the two artists was emphasized in the documentary “Two Rooms” in 1991. John created the music to the lyrics after receiving the lyrics from Taupin. The two artists did not communicate further, especially at the beginning of their partnership.

But as time passed, Elton and Bernie worked together more frequently. John and Taupin’s romance was also featured in the movie “Rocketman,” for which the duo received an Academy Award for the song “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again.”Bernie and Elton have worked together on a number of Broadway musicals in addition to music.

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Bernie Taupin Relationships

In his entire life, Bernie Taupin has been married four times. In 1971, he wed Maxine Feibelman, who would become his first wife. Numerous compositions by Elton John were affected by Taupin’s romance with Feibelman, which eventually ended in divorce by 1976. Bernie remarried Toni Lynn Russo in 1979; she was Rene Russo, a well-known actress. By 1991, that marriage had also broken up in divorce.

By 1993, Taupin had wed Stephanie Haymes Roven, a third time, who was the offspring of renowned entertainers Dick Haymes and Fran Jeffries. After five years, this third union divorced in 1998. He wed Heather Kidd in 2004. Together, Kidd and Taupin are parents to two kids, and they reside in Santa Barbara County, California.

Real Estate

Taupin was reportedly selling a ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley for $4.7 million, according to a 2017 article. Bernie tried to sell the 30-acre property for $5.95 million in 2016 after having long owned it. He reduced the price and relisted the ranch after failing to find any interested parties.

There are separate rooms for a studio and an office, while the main house has five bedrooms. Given that Bernie is well known for his love of horses, the house has a “cavernous equestrian center” that includes an arena and stables.

Even though Taupin loved horses, later sources said that he “no longer rides horses,” which was one of the reasons he decided to sell. A pizza oven, a pool, a pond, and outdoor riding rings are among the other delights.

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