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Former staff member of Representative George Santos accused him of sexual harassment and violation of pay standards

Rep. George Santos, a Republican from Long Island who has been in trouble before, has now been accused of sexual misconduct and breaking ethics rules by a potential staffer. The accusation was made on Twitter on Friday. You can find more details about him and the current legal issues against him through this article.

Who is George Santos?

Since 2023, George Anthony Devolder Santos has been the U.S. representative for the 3rd congressional district in New York. Santos, a member of the Republican Party, was elected to Congress in 2022. In 2020, he ran against Thomas Suozzi, who was already there but lost. Santos has made a lot of false or questionable claims about his background, work history, criminal record, finances, race, religion, and other things, both public and private.

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Six weeks after he was elected, many news organizations said that much of his self-published biography was made up. This included claims about his ancestry, education, job, charity work, property ownership, and crimes he said he was a victim of.
Santos has admitted to lying about where he went to school and what he did for a living. As of January 2023, U.S. federal, New York state, Nassau County, and Brazilian authorities are looking into him.

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What are the charges raised against him now?

In a letter to the House Committee on Ethics on Friday, Derek Myers, the former aide, said that he had been put to work as a volunteer in Santos’ office, which was against ethics rules, and he gave an example of sexual harassment. The letter was posted on Twitter by Myers.

  • Myers said that on January 25, Santos asked him if he had a profile on Grindr, which is a popular dating app for LGBTQ+ people, and then told him that he also had a profile.
  • Later that day, Myers wrote that he and Santos were alone in the congressman’s office reading mail from constituents when Santos “insisted I sit next to him on a small sofa.”
  • Myers said that Santos put his hand on his leg and asked him to go to karaoke, but he said that he turned down the offer.
    He wrote that Santos then put his hand “into my inner thigh and continued to touch my groyne” while telling Myers that his husband was out of town.
  • Myers said that he pushed Santos’s hand away and then went back to his desk.


Myers also wrote that Santos had offered him a job in his office on January 23. Still, he was forced to work as a volunteer instead, which is against the rules of ethics, until all of the necessary paperwork was taken care of. On January 30, Myers wrote that he was called into Santos’ office and asked about his “background as a journalist” and other things that he had already told hiring managers before getting a job offer.

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Last year, Myers was charged with wiretapping in Ohio after he released recordings of court testimony. All charges should be dropped, says the Committee to Protect Journalists. Myers wrote on February 1 that he had been told his job offer had been taken back. Santos told Semafor on Thursday that his office was about to hire Myers but stopped when they heard about the charges of wiretapping. Myers wrote on Twitter on Friday that he had filed a police report with the Capitol Police and sent a letter to the House Ethics Committee

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