For All Mankind Season 3 Ending Explained with Potential Spoilers


Shantel VanSanten, an original cast member, said goodbye in the Apple TV+ drama’s Season 3 finale when her character, Karen Baldwin, died in a domestic terrorist assault planned by Jimmy’s conspiracist allies. Molly Cobb, played by Sonya Walger, died in the Johnson Space Center bombing as well. She had been absent for most of Season 3 due to her NASA firing in Episode 2.

The choice to murder off VanSanten, whom the co-showrunners Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi refer to as “the heart and soul of our For All Mankind family,” was especially difficult for them.

For All Mankind, Season 3 focused on the fierce competition to be the first to set foot on Mars between NASA, the USSR, and the fictional space exploration corporation Helios. Over the course of the season, we observed how these teams of astronauts and cosmonauts transformed from adversaries to allies as they worked together to live in space’s hell and on Mars’ chaotic surface. Rough landings, catastrophic rock falls, numerous fatalities, and one romance that ended in an unintended pregnancy on Mars all occurred.

There are two distinct sources of stress in the For All Mankind Season 3 finale. Kelly is now heavily pregnant on Mars, but pre-eclampsia strikes her in the eighth month of her pregnancy. She and the baby must be sent to Phoenix, which will be entering orbit for a brief period of time, in order for them to survive.

 The fact that a single North Korean cosmonaut is found when USSR chief Grigory Kuznetsov (Lev Gorn) and Danielle Poole (Krys Marshall) locate a crucial component at a North Korean satellite crash site complicates matters. Aside from that glitch, Kelly can only be transported to Phoenix mathematically by everyone giving up their trip home and attaching a thruster to Kelly. Kelly might—just might—be able to shove her way to Phoenix if Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman) uses practically all of their tiny fuel supplies to get the shuttle close enough to orbit. Ed will then have to land blind, without fuel, and will probably perish.


On Earth, in the meantime, Jimmy Stevens (David Chandler) changed his mind about his obnoxious anti-NASA buddies’ plans when he discovered that they intended to assassinate NASA employees. When he tries to get in touch with his sister-in-law Amber (Madeline Bertani), he finds himself stranded in the back of a van filled with explosives. Amber then makes a helpline call to Karen (Shantel VanSanten). Jimmy’s sole surviving mother figure decided to search for him after having already spotted Jimmy within NASA HQ. Karen realizes there is a serious problem when she dials his cellphone and it answers in one of the terrorist brother’s pockets. When she sees the explosives, she frees Jimmy from the truck and orders him to go before attempting to contact security about the bad people.

Who Perishes In The Season 3 Finale Of For All Mankind?

Kelly manages to reach Phoenix, and Ed miraculously survives his perilous landing thanks to some advice from Molly Cobb (Sonya Walger).

However, the device does detonate in Houston. Because she is in the facility to assist Ed, Molly is able to take control of the emergency scenario and direct the injured NASA personnel to safety. (It helps that she has memorized the hallways and stairwells in the building down to the step; she is now blind.)

Aleida (Coral Pea) also makes it out alive, but when she rushes to find her cherished mentor, Margo Madison (Wrenn Schmidt), she finds the office completely destroyed when she opens the door. Margo was playing the piano there, pensively, when the bomb went off. She is soon to be revealed as a traitor who handed information to the USSR for years. Margo, therefore, seems to be deceased.

Karen was maybe the closest to the explosion, and despite Jimmy being able to remove some of the debris off of her, she passed away shortly after. Given that Karen had just taken over control of Helios, it’s kind of a tragic turn of events. In other words, she passes away just as she becomes completely established.

Who Else Passed Away? 

For All Mankind Season 3’s climactic scene shows that Margo’s real love, Sergei (Piotr Adamczyk), has successfully left the USSR and is now residing in suburban America. A 1995 newspaper with the heading “NASA Space Center renamed for fallen hero Molly Cobb” is picked up by the man. If you zoom in on the article, it’s clear that Molly died trying to protect other survivors.

For All Mankind Ending Explained: Why is Margo Madison in Russia in 2003?

For All Mankind Season 3’s epilogue shifts to 2003. A fairly dated alarm clock sounds as “Everything in Their Place” by Radiohead hums in the background. A person gets out of bed and walks to a window while wearing pyjamas and bare feet. Margo Madison, who is older and looking worse for wear, is seen gazing out at a Soviet cityscape as the curtains are opened.

Margo appears to have accepted the USSR’s offer of extradition and is currently residing there covertly rather than dying in the attack. She and Sergei have practically switched lives, giving Sergei the opportunity for freedom and giving her the opportunity to pursue anything she pleases. We’ll probably have to wait until For All Mankind Season 4 to get the answer.

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