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Westworld Season 4 Ending Explained: Everything You Need To Know

Season 4 of Westworld is over, but viewers still have as many questions as they did answers. Will Earth ever get better after the terrible things that happened in the fourth season? Have so many of our favorite characters left us for good? And most importantly, what the hell was up with Christina?

Westworld is known for having some of the most complicated science fiction plot twists of any show. Sometimes they work great and are shown very clearly, like the big timeline trick in season 1. Some need to be watched more than once before everything makes sense.

You’re in the right place if you have questions about the season 4 finale of Westworld. We’ll explain it to you in as simple a way as we can. After this point, there will be Plenty Of Spoilers.

Westworld finale explained

In “Que Será, Será,” the last episode of Westworld’s fourth season, there are two stories going on. The bigger story is about how the Earth will end. Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), who we found out in season 3 is a copy of Dolores Abernathy, started her plan to take over the human race early in the season. Charlotte and her hosts completely took over the world by using a disease spread by flies that ruined people’s minds and let her control them with a series of scary sounds.

In a way, they turned the story around from the first few seasons of Westworld. Now, instead of a park where humans abuse hosts, Charlotte turned the whole world into one big park where hosts control humans. Even though the hosts have taken over the world, they still keep humans in certain areas. The only one we see in the show in New York City has been turned into a “park” for hosts to work out their human urges before they “transcend.”

So that’s the history lesson. In the end, William, in his host form played by Ed Harris, wrecked the tower, likely unleashing a homicidal rage on every person on the earth. Therefore, all humans and hosts on Earth will perish in the forthcoming massacre or in the uninhabitable aftermath. Frankie (Aurora Perrineau) and her girlfriend Odina (Morningstar Angeline) are two characters that are rumored to have fled; nonetheless, their time on this cursed Earth is likely short.

On the other hand, there was a shred of optimism. A control unit containing the mind known as Christina (another clone of Dolores Abernathy, with additional tricks) was taken by Charlotte after William caused so much havoc, and Christina was put into the Sublime. In spite of Charlotte killing William and then herself, Christina was able to get away.

What, though, is Christina’s deal, and why does she even appear on the program?

Charlotte Hale didn’t seem to be in Christina’s world.

As for Christina’s job at Olympiad Entertainment, it’s likely that all of the other writers there are also made up by Christina’s mind to make what she’s doing in her head seem more normal. In fact, she seems to be the only real writer in this dystopian park who tells stories to the people who live there.

In Episode 5, Christina’s boss seemed to be talking about Charlotte Hale when he said that “she” wouldn’t be happy if Christina looked through files. One of the things that confused us was how he could know about Hale if he was human and could be controlled by Christina. But he wasn’t real. He was a creation of Christina’s mind, and because Christina knows something about Charlotte Hale, even if she doesn’t fully understand it until the end of the season, he does too.

This brings up another interesting question: Charlotte and Christina had lunch together in the same episode. Christina thinks that Charlotte is her roommate at college. There’s something scary about the whole thing. Even now that we know what happened with Christina, this is one of the most puzzling parts of the season. Was Charlotte really there, checking on Christina by being connected to her control unit in some way? It would make perfect sense.

Charlotte, on the other hand, seems very interested in whether or not Christina has “met someone.” This is based on the fact that Christina feels guilty about meeting Teddy and thinks she has to hide it… But since Teddy is something she made up in her mind, it wouldn’t make much sense for the real Charlotte Hale to keep asking questions along those lines. It seems likely that this Charlotte was also a creation of Christina’s mind, the ominous presence that she knows on some level is making the world so messed up but can’t fully understand because she doesn’t have a frame of reference.

Westworld explained

The truth about Christina is one of the biggest surprises in the history of Westworld. It changes the whole season, just like when we found out in season 1 that Dolores was living in multiple timelines at the same time.

After Charlotte Hale and William have caused a lot of damage, Christina’s mind is sent to the Sublime. This is a digital world that we’ve seen a few times on the show. We now know that hosts can create their own digital realities in their minds, which isn’t too different from what Christina was doing in New York City, except that there weren’t any real-world deaths. When scenes take place in the Sublime, the picture becomes letterboxed, which makes it feel a little different from the rest of the show.

After Christina makes her own journey toward consciousness, she has the courage to try one last simulation that might be the key to making a better world out of the ruins of the one the hosts and humans destroyed. Christina makes a simulation of the first Westworld park in the Sublime while she talks about this last “dangerous game” that could decide the fate of future civilizations. Who will show up in this digital park and how will it affect anything other than the Sublime?

Will she watch as digital copies of people do bad or good things to decide what traits to give to a future species that is a mix of hosts and humans? Will she ever find the real Teddy, who is still out there somewhere in the Sublime? Did she pull all the other hosts from the Sublime into her new Westworld?

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