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Top Boy Season 2 Ending Explained: What Happened Between Top Boy: Summerhouse And Top Boy?

It’s been a long time since Top Boy returned to Netflix for season two, but it’s finally here. Season two of Dushane and Sully premiered on March 18th, and the latest episode did not disappoint those who had been waiting patiently for the return of Dushane and Sully.

Fan reaction has been generally positive for the new season, with viewers all cracking the same joke about series two and devoting considerable time to the one character they are completely smitten with. Furthermore, cast members Micheal Ward (Jamie) and Jasmine Jobson (Jaq) have been sharing details from behind the scenes, including the reason why executive producer Drake will not be making a cameo appearance in Top Boy: High School Reunion.

Aside from all of the excitement, there has been a lot going on in series two. Following is a quick rundown of the Top Boy season two finale, complete with spoilers… *Spoilers*.

 Top Boy Season 2 Ending Explained

Season two of Top Boy was *crammed* with drama, which culminated in a slew of tragic fatalities.

First, we saw Jaq’s sister Lauryn (Saffron Hocking), who had been exiled for disclosing Dushane and Sully’s secrets, attempting to flee from her controlling boyfriend Curtis (Howard Charles) and his sister Vee (Ava Brennan), Lauryn attempts to flee despite the fact that she is severely pregnant. When Curtis threatens to harm Jaq, Lauryn responds by stabbing him to death with a dagger in his chest.

Additionally, Ats’ (Keiyon Cook) body was discovered in a dumpster during Season 2 of the series. When Dushane and Jamie set out to find out who killed Ats, they were led to Jamie’s best buddy Kit by the investigation (Kadeem Ramsay). Apparently, Kit instructed Dexter to beat up Ats in order to intimidate him, but the incident went too far and Ats was killed as a result of the beating.

Jamie is then ordered to kill Kit by Dushane in order to demonstrate his allegiance to the group. Jamie’s brothers are unwilling to accompany him on the run, which leaves Jamie with little choice except to carry out his plan and kill Kit in order to protect the safety of everyone else.

Even yet, Dushane’s mother falls ill and eventually dies, adding to the pathos of the story. His involvement in the Summerhouse renovation is called into question by her death, prompting Dushane to advocate for existing residents who will be provided a new home as a result of the project after it is completed.

Sully killed Jamie at the end of season two in an attempt to prevent Jamie from taking over from himself or Dushane, which was the biggest narrative twist of all. After an interruption to their dinner by a knock on the door, Jamie returns home to find his brother Aaron and Stefan waiting for him. When the guest turns out to be Sully, the latter shoots Jamie twice in the chest before finishing him off with a single shot to the head. The body of Jamie is left in the care of Stefan and Aaron as Sully departs.

There are a plethora of possibilities for what could happen next. Stefan and Aaron were present when Jamie was murdered, which means their futures may be in jeopardy. And will Sully be forced to deal with the consequences of his actions? Let’s hope we’ll find out soon enough.

Top Boy season two is now available to stream on Netflix.

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What Happened Between Top Boy: Summerhouse And Top Boy?

Because it was necessary to keep things simple, the first two seasons of Top Boy, which aired in 2011 and 2013, were rebranded as Top Boy: Summerhouse for distribution on Netflix. Even though the first two seasons of Top Boy: Summerhouse have been rebranded, the worlds of Top Boy: Summerhouse and Top Boy are still very much linked.

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