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FIFA Tips From Professionals

FIFA has definitely become the most popular sports game among professional gamers because they invested a lot in esports. PES is lacking, and you can’t even bet on players, and the prize pools are much lower. Don’t think that it’s easy to compete, premier league predictions can be easier than going against some of the players.

It takes a lot of hard work to be at the top, and gamers are usually practicing more than players in real life. This is a common thing because you are working on your cognitive skills and strategy more than physical strength. So, if you don’t have physical advantages but you love soccer, you might find FIFA very appealing.

Listen To Better Players

There’s a lot of information online on how to become a better FIFA player, but most of them will tell you that you should practice more, but that isn’t very valuable info. This is why you should listen to players that are actually on another level and know the difference between an average and a pro player.

Work On Your Sprinting

When you are doing your premier league predictions today, you won’t rush analyzing the games; it would probably take you an hour to figure out what to play. You should also do this for every game that you are playing in a competition or even while practicing. Most players make mistakes in the beginning and start sprinting right away.

FIFA has gone a long way since 2010, when you could just hold the sprint button with any Barcelona player and score a goal. The whole game can rely on how much you are using sprint because players nowadays get tired easily. Image having a player in real life start never stops running. That player wouldn’t last 10 minutes in a game, and FIFA is trying to implement the same thing.

Fake Dribbles

Fake dribbles aren’t very easy to manage because it’s a new method that some players use to confuse their opponents when in a good scoring opportunity. In order to do this, you will need to know when is the right time to start dribbling and when to pass the ball.

There are a lot of premier league picks that can do this because you need a fast player that can switch between dribbling and passing. R1 and RB are something that players use nowadays when in a scoring opportunity because you can dribble in a small area, but it’s also great when you want to push the ball between players when you stop the dribbling and press X.

Play With Fast Players

In previous years, it didn’t matter a lot if you had the faster players because one good dribbler could win a game but nowadays, there are some players that can outrun the whole team. Christiano Ronaldo and Messi are still favorite players to most gamers, and they are also doing a great job in the game.

But, there are also others that you can use, so check the stats before going against teams like PSG or Manchester United. Check the pace and use those players when you see an opening and save others that can’t outrun the competition.

Always Play Against Top Tier Players

If you are looking to enhance your skill, the best way to do it is to play against players that are better than you. Every pro player has a few people that are on the same level as them or, even better, that can practice with them. Practicing is a great thing, but when you are going against someone that is average, you will always beat them, and it won’t even be fun.

Always have a strategy when going against these players so you can figure out what you can do while competing. Everyone has their own play style, so it can be very beneficial if you notice that certain players have the same style. This way, you can counter them and know in advance what they are about to do.

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