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Is the Release of Fall Guys Season 2 confirmed?

Many players are wondering when the second season of Fall Guys (free-to-play) will start after the conclusion of the first. A lot of players are perplexed because of their natural interest in the game and rumors that development on Season 2 would be pushed back.

Find out when the highly anticipated second season of The Fall Guys will premiere right here.

When will the second season of Fall Guys Season 2 be available online?

There has been no information from Mediatonic confirming the release date of Fall Guys Season 2. While many fans originally predicted a release on August 29, some now think September 13 is more likely. This speculation is reinforced by sources such as the Fall Guys Season Countdown and various YouTube videos.

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Despite this, there are no teasers or social media posts available at this time that provide any additional context. Furthermore, the newest batch of Seasonal shop items is available for two weeks, implying that the season will finish after these items are removed from the store.

Fortunately, assuming prior trends follow this time, Season 2 will begin the same day Season One ends. The second season of The Fall Guys will premiere on September 13. While the in-game countdown may have you believe that the new season is about to begin, it will not be out for another two weeks.

In other words, there is still a fourteen-day wait until the season 2 update is released, and gamers can try out the new features and begin working on the new battle pass. Although this is unfortunate news for fans who were wanting to dive into Season 2 material today, the good news is that the wait will not be too long.

Anyone who has not heard that Mediatonic is now giving money back to gamers who have made accidental purchases in the store can catch up on the latest developments here. The Late Game Arena mode is returning to Fortnite, along with other popular live-service games that are getting significant updates.

The season 5 meta has arrived, with it, the finest weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Trailer for Season 2 of Fall Guys

There has not been a Season 2 trailer for Fall Guys yet, but we expect it to drop about a week before the new season premieres. In this teaser, we can expect to see new outfits, accessories, and possibly even more.

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Theme and Location Maps for Fall Guys Season 2

According to the leaks provided previously and further described in this post, the topic of this time is space! Yes, the new space-themed landscapes and costumes will have a different vibe from the bright and cheery first season. The released data describes both maps that are comparable to prior seasons and completely new ones.

You’ll see examples of a new race map using a color-coded pathing system, a survival map where you fly through an obstacle course on a hoverboard, and a hex-a-gone-styled conclusion. Check out this video for some information on each leaked map so far.

Fall Guys Season 2 Battle Pass and Cosmetics

Much like the other things above, there is very little official information so far that Mediatonic themselves have confirmed. If you like reading news that has been secretly released, you will be happy to discover that there is even more! The entirety of the Season 2 Battle Pass has been leaked through several Twitter pages and YouTube videos, primarily from producers like FGPancake and Krxnky.

Several of the massive 200-level Battle Pass awards are space-themed, which fits with rumors that outer space will be the focus of this season. There is no shortage of space-related merchandise, from alien costumes to android cats.

You can purchase Fall Guys for Windows PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS from the official website.

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