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Everything to Know About Tim Burton’s ‘Addams Family’ Spinoff ‘Wednesday’

Netflix will be delivering its take on the eldest daughter of pop culture’s cookies family later this fall when Wednesday premieres during Thanksgiving weekend.

Tim Burton, the beloved filmmaker who specializes in creepy but fun reimaginings of classic characters, directs and executive-produces this new take on The Addams Family focused on Wednesday Addams, who finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery investigation after she’s sent away to boarding school at the mysterious Nevermore Academy.

Meet the New Addams Family From Tim Burton's 'Wednesday' | Vanity Fair

So Let’s Get Into The Gory Details!

The horror-comedy will star Jenna Ortega (You) as the titular character. This is the first time Wednesday has been portrayed by a Latina actress, which is accurate to the comics. The series is described as “a sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy.”

On Saturday, September 24, Netflix unveiled a trailer for Wednesday as part of the fan gathering TUDUM. In addition to getting a look of Wednesday’s dorm at Nevermore, viewers also get to see the Netflix adaptation of Thing, the sentient hand that belongs to the Addams family and has secretly accompanied Gomez and Morticia to Nevermore to keep an eye on Wednesday.

The hand’s ability to report on Wednesday’s actions to her parents doesn’t appear to be Wednesday and Thing’s main goal.

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Release Date

Netflix’s Wednesday will premiere Nov. 23, meaning that in less than two months, you can start binging the whole season.


The official teaser gives us a good sampling of what to expect from the series without giving away too many plot details. Less is more when teasing a mystery!

The Addams family also consists of Gomez and Morticia, who are portrayed by Luis Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones respectively. In some capacity, Christina Ricci will also appear in the series, no doubt as a tribute to her faultless performance as Wednesday in the 1990s movies.

Gwendoline Christie, Jamie McShane, Emma Myers, Percy Hynes White, Moosa Mostafa, Thora Birch, Hunter Doohan, Riki Lindhome, Joy Sunday, Georgie Farmer, and Naomi Ogawa are among the other performers associated with the series in as-of-yet-undisclosed roles.

Main Cast Members

  • Jenna Ortega – Wednesday Addams
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones – Morticia Addams
  • Luis Guzmán – Gomez Addams
  • Victor Dorobantu – severed hand Thing
  • George Burcea – Lurch
  • Isaac Ordonez – Pugsley
  • Gwendoline Christie – undisclosed
  • Christina Ricci – undisclosed

Where to Watch

Wednesday will stream exclusively on Netflix.

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Addams Cred

Several former members of The Addams Family are expected to work on the project in support roles. Along with Jonathan Glickman, who served as an executive producer on The Addams Family 2, Andrew Mittman, Gail Berman, and Kevin Miserocchi, who all contributed to the 2019 Addams Family, will serve as executive producers.

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The Plot

She will be followed on Wednesday throughout her time at Nevermore Academy. This includes Wednesday’s “attempts to master her burgeoning psychic gift,” as well as her goal to “thwart a hideous killing spree that has scared the local village and unravel the mystical mystery that ensnared her parents 25 years ago,” according to a news release.

The Cast is Set for Tim Burton's 'Addams Family' Spinoff, 'Wednesday'

The Rest Of The Family Is Complete

Ten more important characters were added by Netflix to complete the roster of the Addams Family spinoff, the streaming service announced in a press statement.

The Wednesday cast is completed by Hunter Doohan, Georgie Farmer, Moosa Mostafa, Emma Myers, Naomi J. Ogawa, Joy Sunday, Percy Hynes White, Thora Birch, Riki Lindhome, and Jamie McShane, who play various Ortega’s eccentric classmates, friends, and neighbours.


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