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Are Love Island USA’s Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli Still Together In 2023?

Love Island USA season 1 captivated viewers as it followed Zac and Elizabeth’s blossoming relationship. The two were the eventual winners of the show, leaving many to wonder if the couple is still together. Now that almost a year has passed since the finale of Love Island USA, viewers are wondering if Zac and Elizabeth are still an item. This article will discuss whether or not their love has stood the test of time, providing an in-depth look at their current relationship status.

Are Love Island USA’s Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli still together?

If you have been supporting Elizabeth and Zac during the first season of Love Island USA, we regret to inform you that they are no longer together. On the show, the couple appeared destined for a happy ending, coming together immediately and seemingly falling in love at first sight.

The two became boyfriend and girlfriend on the show and even said, “I love you” They were prepared for everlasting happiness! Or so we believed.

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Elizabeth and Zac dated barely a couple of months before breaking up in 2019. According to E! News, the Love Island USA participants revealed the news on their Instagram profiles, with Zac writing: “The breakup was mutual, and we have left on amicable terms… We wanted different things.” Elizabeth wrote: “Although I had wished things could’ve turned out differently, life doesn’t always work out the way we could’ve hoped sometimes.”

Later, Elizabeth took to her YouTube channel to discuss her experience on Love Island USA and the couples who were paired off. She claimed that she and Zac were on excellent terms but never reconciled. Here is her video:

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What Is The Couple After Love Island?

After the end of the reality show, Elizabeth Weber moved to Los Angeles. After the epidemic struck, she returned to Michigan. Zac Mirabelli spent his entire life in his hometown of Chicago.

“I think I can speak for everyone from the cast. We came back and just had difficulty adjusting,” Elizabeth told Bustle. After the COVID outbreak, nothing became easier. Weber tends to split her time between Los Angeles and New York, based on her Instagram.

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The native of Chicago, Zac, stated in March 2020 that he had signed with Ford Models New York and was eager to embark on this new path. Since then, Zac Mirabelli has appeared in photoshoots for publications such as Vulkan and Raffi. In 2020, she also joined LA Models.

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