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“Drake Claims To Acquiring A Face Tattoo For His Mother”

He is definitely a momma’s boy!

Drake showed off his new face tattoo on Thursday night and talked about what it means to him.

The rapper who won a Grammy decided to get a new tattoo to honor his mom, Sandi Graham. He was proud to show his 119 million Instagram followers the new tattoo.

Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Graham, said he got his mother’s initials tattooed in small, stylized black letters below his left eye.

He wrote “Sandra Gale” next to a group of pictures.

The “God’s Plan” singer, who is 35 years old, is very close to his mom. He often says that she gave him a lot of help with his music career when he was just starting out.

The tattoo artist, who goes by the name Nal, posted a video of Drake laying down with his eyes closed while his mom’s initials were being tattooed on his face.

Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, has a huge tattoo of his famous son’s face that he got five years ago. It looks like Drake got his love of tattoos from his dad.

The rapper couldn’t keep his anger in, so he wrote, “I was just sitting here thinking why you do me like this we family,” He put a few laughing emojis in the caption of a close-up photo of the questionable arm tattoo and tagged his dad.

His father didn’t take it personally and said, “I love you and miss you” and sharing, “Hahaha I had 16 people to try and straighten this out, they’re hurting me,”

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