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What Is Drake’s Net Worth 2022? – How Rich Is The Rapper Actually In 2022?

Born Aubrey Drake Graham on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario. Dennis Drake was a professional drummer who shared the stage with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis during the course of his career. Sandra, also known as Sandi, was an English teacher and florist; she was also Drake’s mother. Drake received a traditional Bar Mitzvah after finishing his studies at a Jewish day school.

After five years of marriage, Sandi and Dennis split up, leaving Aubrey an only child. After relocating to Memphis, his father was eventually imprisoned and spent time in prison on narcotics charges. Though he spent summers with his dad in Memphis, Aubrey stayed with his mom in Toronto (when his father was not incarcerated). The assertions that Dennis was missing from Drake’s life when he was a youngster are ones that Dennis has strongly refuted and said were exaggerated by Drake to boost album sales.

Drake and his mom moved into the lower level of a two-story townhouse in the wealthy neighborhood of Forest Hill while he was in sixth grade. Drake had the basement, while his mom had the main floor. The family was not wealthy, and money was tight.

Drake developed a passion for the performing arts while a student at Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. Later, he went to Vaughan Road Academy, where the bullying continued because of his mixed-race and Christian heritage. After a period away from school, he returned and earned his diploma in 2012.


When Drake was 15 years old, his childhood friend’s acting agent father helped him get a part in the venerable Canadian adolescent drama television series “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” He portrayed Jimmy Brooks, a basketball player who lost his ability to walk after being shot by a classmate, on the show. From seasons 1 through 7, he was a cast member, and in 2008, he made guest appearances.

Drake’s mother was unwell and was unable to work when he was appearing on Degrassi. For some years, his Degrassi salaries served as their sole source of income. He was being paid $50,000 annually for the show at the time. After taxes, that works out to almost $2,000 each month. Later, he would go on to say the following about this time:

My mother was very sick. We were very poor like broke. The only money I had coming in was off of Canadian TV.

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Career Details

Drake claimed that Jay-Z was a significant inspiration to him and that he has always had a genuine passion for music. Drake’s very first mixtape, Room for Improvement, was made available in 2006. He released his second mixtape a year later, and his third, titled “So Far Gone,” was published in 2009.

Drake and Lil Wayne have worked together on a number of tracks, and Drake has also accompanied Wayne on tour. Drake secured a recording deal with Young Money Entertainment, and his debut album, “Thank Me Later,” was released in 2010.

Drake Career
Drake Career

Drake has worked with some of the world’s top rap performers and hip-hop producers, including DJ Khaled, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and others.

Since then, Drake has put out several albums, sold millions of copies, and accumulated a huge fortune. He is among the most popular hip-hop musicians in the world.

What is Drake’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$250 Million
Salary:$70 Million Per Year
Date of Birth:Oct 24, 1986 (35 years old)
Height:6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession:Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Voice Actor, Composer, Record producer

Drake is an actor, producer, and rapper who was born in Canada. He is worth $250 million. Drake is always one of the world’s highest-paid entertainers. Drake was a child actor before he became a huge rap star. He was on the Canadian teen show Degrassi: The Next Generation. Drake has made more than $430 million in his career, before taxes and living expenses, since he first became well-known.

Drake made $45 million between June 2017 and June 2018. In all, he made $95 million in 2017. He made $75 million between June 2018 and June 2019. During the next 12 months, he made $50 million. Scroll down to see a full list of how much Drake has made each year.

Drake’s Earnings By Year

2010: $10 million
2011: $11 million
2012: $21 million
2013: $11 million
2014: $33 million
2015: $40 million
2016: $40 million
2017: $95 million
2018: $47 million
2019: $75 million
2020: $50 million

Mainstream Success

“Thank Me Later,” Drake’s first studio album, came out on June 15, 2010. It was number one in both the US and Canada. It was number one on the Billboard 100, R&B/Hip Hop, and US Rap charts in the US. In the end, the RIAA gave it a Platinum rating.

“Take Care,” his second studio album, which came out in 2011, also went to #1 in a number of countries and on a number of charts. It eventually went 6-times Platinum.

Since then, every album has sold at least 4 million copies.

Drake is one of the most powerful and successful people in hip-hop and in the music business as a whole. He has worked with many of the biggest names in the music business, like Kanye West, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Travis Scott. Drake has been up for a lot of awards. As of this writing, he has won over 180 major awards, including four Grammys. He has also been nominated for more than 40 awards.

Drake makes about $1 million at each concert.

Personal Life

Drake has been with a number of well-known people over the years. Between 2009 and 2016, he was on and off with Rihanna. He would later say about Rihana, “She’s the woman I’ve loved since I was 22.”

In October 2017, Adonis was born to a French model, actress, and artist named Sophie Brussaux. Drake didn’t say that he was a dad until 2018.

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