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Dota Dragon’s Blood Season 3 Ending Explained – All You Need To Know

Do you require an explanation of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s climax because you’re baffled by it?

In terms of mythology, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is a refreshingly cool pool. It’s a universe where every game is canon, every skin represents a distinct character, and real-life moon rocks are up for grabs. Everything from that description holds true for the animated series, and more is added on top of it. It’s nearly hard to keep track of everything with only one watch-through, what with all that complex mythology, the show’s tremendously quick pacing, and plots that just aren’t truly seen through at all.

Particularly true of the show’s closing moments. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood concludes with Filomena having her disease cured, supposedly in the main universe of the series, despite her having been abandoned in a dying universe with a deadly condition. We’ll explain what we mean and how this occurs below.

Dota Dragon's Blood Season 3 Ending
Dota Dragon’s Blood Season 3 Ending

At the conclusion of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood season 3, how is Filomena still alive?

In the end of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Filomena lives because a version of herself from an alternate reality is moved into the universe where she can be cured.

At the end of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Invoker is stuck in Foulfell, which is Terrorblade’s home realm and is called the “hell of hells.” Even though the battle with Terrorblade drained him of his power and the heroes scolded him, he can be seen smiling as they leave. This smile is because his big plan worked out in the end, but not the way he thought it would.

Invoker’s plan was to use the souls of the eight Eldwurms and the Forge of Creation, which is part of the legend of the Elder Titans, to make a new universe. He is able to do this, and he makes a universe where the Mad Moon doesn’t change. In the seventh episode of the third season, Invoker starts to teach Filomena how to use the forge. She has trouble with the idea of wiping out everything she knows, but that will probably change when the Mad Moon breaks and the world ends.

Even though Mirana messes up this universe, it’s a common theme in stories with multiple universes that they don’t just stop. Even after Mirana moves things back, it’s likely that the new Filomena’s life goes on, and she can learn to use the forge in a way that lets her go into other universes.

How she gets better isn’t really clear. The ominous “Do you love me?” suggests that she may have become a god, and when Selemene saw the flowers in season two, they seemed much stronger. Still, it seems clear that parts of the ending were made up on the spot. No one can really tell how or if the story will go on. Want More Updates And the latest news on Anime visit us at Novascotia Today.

FAQ of Dota Dragon’s Blood Season 3

  • How does Dota dragon’s blood end?

In the end, she utilizes this ability—activated by the murder of Marci—to separate Davion from Slyrak. It is reasonable to state that both Luna and Mirana reject the fundamental principles of the Dark Moon Order when Luna and her soldiers finally reject Selemene and Mirana assumes the position of Empress.

  • What happens to Davion?

But when a voice entered his head, Slyrak begged Davion to sacrifice himself in battle in his honor. As he buried his sword into Slyrak’s breast, the dragon pierced Davion’s throat with a talon, greatly rewarding Davion for his act of kindness.

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