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Venus Williams’ Dating History: A Timeline of His Exes and Relationships!

Venus Williams, a legendary athlete, is widely considered one of the sport’s all-time greats. Even though she has achieved great success on the court, she rarely talks about her personal relationships. She does not have a husband or any children at this time. The 42-year-old star admitted in an October interview with Cosmopolitan that she sometimes succumbs to cultural pressure to settle down despite enjoying her independence.

Many of my close friends do not believe me when I say that I am happy with my current situation and have no desire to alter it. She told the media outlet, “I am not desperate, and they do not believe me.” “They tell you stuff like, ‘You are going to miss your window. My response is always, “Just chill out for a second. Maybe you are right, but I do not agree. I swear I don’t.

An Instagram Live story from 2021 claims Venus is unmarried and has been since then. Even so, the tennis grand slam winner has a history of sexy long-term partnerships, some of which have been publicized and some of which have not. She denied dating fellow tennis player Reilly Opeka in 2021 by posting a tale on Instagram in which they were frequently spotted together. However, Venus’s true intimate partner remains a mystery.

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Nicholas Hammond

The year 2017 saw the beginning of Venus and Nicholas Hammond’s relationship, both of whom are incredibly wealthy. The heir to a “vast communications empire” that includes TV Guide and Seventeen, Nicholas is 12 years Venus’ younger. The couple regularly engaged in physical contact throughout their relationship.

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They were spotted getting close at a dinner date in December 2017 and attended Venus’ sister Serena’s wedding in 2018. A source informed The New York Daily News, “She is head over heels for him” after he accompanied her to the 2018 Australian Open. Nicholas never proposed to Venus, but he did give her a “friendship ring” as a token of their friendship.

According to sources, their age gap played a role in their 2019 breakup. The article claims Venus was ready to settle down with a husband and start a family, whereas Nicholas was not.

Elio Pis

When Venus was 32, she began dating Elio Pis, a Cuban fashion model who was 24 at the time. They first appeared together in public in 2012 at the New York Grand Slam, where she was representing her apparel company, EleVen. They were reportedly seen kissing and holding hands in public. According to The Daily Mail, Venus and Elio had a steamy on-court makeout session in March 2013. After being spotted out to dinner together in 2017, they ended up breaking up that same year.

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Henry Kuehne

From 2007 through 2010, Venus was said to be dating professional golfer Hank Kuehne. Little is known about their romance, but The Daily Mail called their three-year engagement “serious” before it ended. Hank ultimately settled down with an individual named Andy in 2011.

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