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Dakota Culkin Cause of Death: What Happened to Dakota Culkin?

Dakota (or “Cody” as her siblings called her) Culkin was not a star-studded child like her siblings. The only Culkin sibling on IMDb is the second-oldest. She was an art department member on the 2009 horror flick “Lost Soul,” which came out a year after TMZ reported Dakota’s death.

Perhaps that is why the sole images of her that can be seen nowadays are blurry Instagram photos, where she is shown in a group shot among her more famous siblings while she is still a little girl. Dakota is wearing a blouse with white and blue stripes in the photo up top. Moving to the left, she is the second one from the bottom.

Friend tells People that Culkin’s death was a “freak accident.” She was only 29 years old. A second People article states that she had recently relocated to Hollywood in pursuit of a job in the film industry.

Unlike her brothers Kieran and Macaulay, she had no interest in performing.It seems like Dakota always wanted to be a famous film producer.

“Dakota wasn’t interested in being on camera; she preferred to be behind the scenes,” “humble” Dana Schroeder, who directed “Lost Soul,” said to People.

Someone who worked with and was friends with Culkin on “Lost Soul” Andrea Poe said that Culkin was “actually quite hilarious, witty, and down to earth.” Cody was quite close to Poe’s brother Macaulay, according to Poe. Afterwards, Macaulay would admit to Esquire that he had a conversation with his sister just hours before she passed away.

Who Was Dakota Culkin?

Who Was Dakota Culkin

Being the second-oldest in her family, Dakota Culkin came into this world on June 15, 1978. In the same vein as her brothers, she had an interest in the film industry and had worked mostly in New York City before relocating to Los Angeles.

Tragically, in 2008, Dakota was crossing the street in Marina del Rey, California, when a vehicle struck her. At the young age of 29, she left this world.

Friends and family of Dakota, who went by the moniker “Cody” before she passed away, knew that she had been through a lot. Her family informed detectives that she was receiving treatment for her alcoholism, thus the case was closed.

Dakota had trace amounts of alcohol in her system when she passed away, but her blood alcohol level was not immediately determined.

She had allegedly just left a bar in Marina Del Rey when the assault occurred. “She was rushed to UCLA hospital with major head damage and passed suddenly on Dec. 10th at 12:45 PM,” the LAPD stated in a statement. To comply with legal requirements, the motorist pulled over, assisted, and identified himself. According to the detectives, there was no criminal act as the motorist was not intoxicated.

A film career was the young woman’s desire after she relocated to Los Angeles not long ago. But Dakota had other plans. She wanted to be a film producer, not an actress like her siblings. Dakota was a production assistant for the art department on the 2009 horror film Lost Soul before she passed away.

Dakota was described as “a real sweetheart, a really good kid” by Dana Schroeder, a director on Lost Soul. “Dakota was very humble,” Schroeder added of the aspiring filmmaker. She preferred behind-the-scenes labor to being in front of the camera.

Dakota was “shy at first, but eventually she’d open up,” according to Andrea Poe, one of her coworkers. She had a great sense of humor, was quite clever, and was very approachable. “All of us who knew and worked with Dakota are in deep shock,” Poe added about Dakota. It was an entirely coincidental incident.

Although Dakota had a special bond with her brother Macaulay, she was adored by all of her siblings.

Dakota Culkin Cause of Death

Accidents involving cars claimed the life of Dakota Culkin in 2008 when she was 29 years old. Dakota “was struck by a car when she stepped off the curb and in front of a moving vehicle” in Los Angeles, according to E! News. Upon learning of Dakota’s passing, her family issued a brief statement.

Dakota Culkin is the victim, according to the family’s statement to TMZ. “This accident is just heartbreaking. At this time, we do not have any additional comments.

Dakota has a large family that includes Macaulay, Kieran (currently starring on Succession), Christian, Quinn, Shane, and Rory Culkin. Dakota was only starting in her film career when she passed away. The 2009 film Lost Soul included her expertise in production design.

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