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Why did Darrell Brooks have to use a wheelchair in the courtroom?

Want to know why Darrell Brooks uses a wheelchair? Here we go!

After a judge in Waukesha, Wisconsin, gave Darrell Brooks six consecutive life sentences for the attack on a parade in November of last year, he went back to court on Thursday.

This time, he was put in a wheelchair and taken to court in Milwaukee. In his current trials in Milwaukee County, Brooks is being defended by two public defenders.

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This is different from his three-and-a-half-week trial in Waukesha, where he defended himself. There are still three cases that can’t be solved.

At the same time, they are both doing things.

What happened to Darrell Brooks when he had to use a wheelchair?

Brooks is thought to have hit his ex-girlfriend Erika Patterson two weeks before the parade attack with the same red SUV he used to attack the parade.

He may also have shot at a family member in the year 2020. Brooks is also being charged with trying to scare a witness, which is a felony.

The prosecution says he threatened Patterson because Patterson was helping the police with their investigation.

The trials for these crimes were supposed to begin next month, but Brooks’ public defenders told the court on Thursday that they would not be ready.

“We all know where Mr. Brooks has been for the past month, but we didn’t talk to him because he was so busy working as his own attorney in Waukesha.

Since the verdict was announced, I’ve talked with Mr. Brooks again about this case.

Robert Hampton, the public defender, was quoted as saying, “We’ve also been working on it, and we’ve asked for a delay, so we don’t have to talk about how we want to handle the case in front of your honor and also Judge Havas.”

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What happened in the courtroom?

The prosecutor and Judge David Feiss both agreed that the break should happen. The case against Brooks will go on in Milwaukee County Court in February.

Since Brooks is in prison for life with no chance of getting out, a legal expert says it is improbable that these charges will go to trial.

“If a person is sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole, the prosecution in the second case will either reduce the charge to something easy to handle and suggest a concurrent sentence, or they will let the defendant handle that case on their own.

Or, said Craig Mastantuono, an attorney with the firm Mastantuono Coffee & Thomas who has nothing to do with the case, they might think about dropping the charges altogether because the defendant would have to spend the rest of their life in jail.

Brooks took the stand for two hours and told the judge that he needed help with his mental health problems during his sentencing on Wednesday. He didn’t say a word in court on Thursday.

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