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Was John Wayne Gacy The Next Big Evil Serial Killer For Monster Season 2?

There is still plenty to be said about Ryan Murphy’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix.

Following the success of Jeffrey Dahmer’s story, Netflix and the producer recently announced a second and third seasons of the anthology series dubbed Monster. The “other hideous characters who have harmed society” will be listed in the following parts, but was John Wayne Gacy the next giant evil serial killer for Monster Season 2?

Netflix Approved Two More Seasons Of “Monster” 

It may be a bit of a shock to hear that Netflix has approved a second and third season of the anthology series Murphy’s Monster. The Jeffrey Dahmer Story garnered a tonne of negative press on all sides.

Not only for its graphic portrayal of the killer’s crimes but also by viewers who discovered that Netflix purportedly failed to notify the families of its creation. Family relatives of the victims came forward in large numbers to disparage the series.

Murphy explained the series’ motivations and goals, but viewers needed more convincing. Variety reports that Monster will now be an anthology series, with each season concentrating on a different horrific murderer who terrified America. The Watcher, Murphy’s other television project, also received approval for a second season.

Is ‘Monster’ Season 2 could be about John Wayne Gacy?

Season 2 of “Monster” might center on John Wayne Gacy and the murders he committed in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Viewers of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story may have observed another well-known murderer who tormented male victims. The storyline breaks the mold in the show’s ninth episode by shifting to Chicago in 1977. A younger man and an older, bulkier man can be seen exiting a distinct van in the scene. The older man strikes his victim in the head inside his house.

The older man drowns his naked victim in a bathtub while dressed as a spooky clown. Viewers will see the same character again later in the series when Dahmer is serving time for his crimes. But this time, the man is much older and has grey hair. On death row, he will be put to death via lethal injection. The individual is none other than John Wayne Gracy when the specifics of the crimes and the period in which they occur are put together.

Gracy was another notorious and horrifying serial murderer who operated in America between 1967 and 1978. He appeared to be a typical man who participated in his community. But like Dhamer, Gacy kept a sinister secret. He was a serial murderer who murdered 33 boys and men in his target demographic. He frequently murdered his victims as the Killer Clown, his alter ego, to make himself even more terrifying.

Given that Gacy’s story was hinted at in the first season, Monster Season 2 likely centers on him. That would make sense, given that he operated before Dahmer and was apprehended in the late 1970s while Dahmer was still at large. The inclusion of Chicago 1977 may have been a springboard for studying other murderers, of whom Dahmer was just one. Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes is another title on Netflix. The Jeffrey Dahmer tapes were released in the same manner as Conversations with a Killer.

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