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Darling In The Franxx Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled?

It’s been more than four years since the first season of Darling in the Franxx aired, but will the anime be back for a second season, and if so, when can we expect it to drop? Since the end of season 1, there has been radio silence from the show’s creators and broadcasters regarding the show’s renewal. However, some diehards refuse to give up hope despite the long break. You can find the details in the article below.

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Will We See Season 2 of Darling in the Franxx?

There has been no lead-out for Darling in Season 2 of Franxx from the Trigger or CloverWorks animation studios, according to sources. The chances of the program being cancelled after this season are pretty strong. The show is truly fantastic, and its coverage of millions of people’s opinions proves it.
Overall, the story’s ending was satisfying and a satisfactory close to the episode. We find it odd that Studio Trigger has denied and then confirmed rumors that they were even considering renewing DITF 2 for a third season In the meantime, fans await any official word on a release date. But for the time being, it’s preferable to keep things simple and not jump to conclusions.

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