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Who is Daniiellè Alexis? Frontrunner For The LGBTQIA+ Community.


Lamar Odom is apparently seeing Australian model Daniiellè Alexis. The relationship was first revealed after Odom and Alexis’s photo went viral last month.

Lamar Odom ‘just friends’ with transgender actress …

Rumors of a budding romance between former NBA star Lamar Odom and transgender actress Danielle Alexis have been debunked after going viral on social media. Speaking to TMZ, a source close to the retired athlete confirmed that the two weren’t dating, but simply knew each other and had a friendly force. The source also revealed that Lamar, who finalized her divorce from Kardashian star Khloe Kardashian in 2016, is single and not dating anyone. The revelation has squashed dating rumors that have been sweeping the media since they shared a photo of what it appears to be.

The picture was allegedly taken inside a car in Los Angeles, California, and was first shared by Alexis on Instagram. Following her posting of the image, Alexis noted in the caption: Fans of the duo quickly swamped the comment section with heart and fire emojis. However, Lamar Odom and Daniiellè Alexis have not yet commented or confirmed the information.

Everything to know about Daniiellè Alexis

Daniiellè Alexis is a well-known Australian transgender actress who rose to fame for her role in the television series Wentworth, despite the fact that her exact year of birth is uncertain. She finally rose to the top of the LGBTQIA+ community’s leaders in both Australia and the US.

Alexis is the first transgender person born in Australia who lives and works in the Los Angeles film and television industry. She has previously stated that transgender tales needed to keep showing up on television since diversity is growing in Australia and other areas of the world. Later, ATN Entertainment acquired Alexis.
She opened up about being raised in Perth while experiencing persecution due to her gender identity and acting interest in an interview with last year. When Alexis was young, her parents separated. Afterward, she moved to Perth with her mother and older sister, Ashton. Alexis also revealed that she was “confused” about her gender identity for “a very long time”.

Alexis: Living On Her Own Terms

Alexis claimed that her stepfather “supported her transition” wholeheartedly despite the fact that her mother afterwards got married to someone else. But as she was growing up, she experienced bullying, harassment from numerous people, and various forms of verbal and physical abuse. According to reports, Alexis started transitioning at the age of 19.

Boy To Girl Transformation of. #Danielle Alexis #MTF makeup artist || Aastha Singh - YouTube
Daniiellè Alexis was inspired to pursue acting by her older sister, who was learning how to sing. In WA’s Pilbara, she had previously worked on a BHP mine.
The actress and model today wants to represent transgender people in Australia. This year’s International Women’s Day saw her urging everyone to “believe in themselves.”

Daniielle Reveals The Shocked Reactions Her Straight Male Dates Had When She Revealed The Truth.

I recall going on two dates, Daniielle recalled. “One of the guys said, “Are you kidding me? If you’re not f***ing interested, you could simply reject me like a regular person! “‘ Wow, what are you talking about? I exclaim.

The second man she spoke to wasn’t even familiar with the term “transgender.”

In Conversation With Daniielle Alexis


Says Daniielle After that, the other man said, “Describe trans. What even does that mean? “‘ He hesitated before realising what Daniielle meant when I tried to drop a few hints, and I was thinking, “Oh, God, here we go!”
In the fifth season of the Foxtel Showcase prison drama Wentworth, Daniielle portrayed Dana Malouf.
Danielle has pursued a career in acting and modelling since becoming well-known on television, frequently posing for photographs.

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