Daniel Radcliffe turns 32: Here are Top 10 movies of the actor, apart from Harry Potter, that makes us fall for him even more


For everyone, Daniel Radcliffe grew up before their eyes with his eight-film commitment to the Harry Potter franchise. But since the former wizard child that comes from a magical world has already graduated and has used this golden opportunity to remould himself and experiment with both his public image and his acting career taking up several fearless, bold, intense, charismatic characters from several films that include genres like horror, comedy and everything and anything that comes in between.

Our favourite wizard boy, Daniel Radcliffe is turning 32, and to celebrate his born day, here’s looking at his 10 best works in the movie industry other than Harry potter.

10) Now you see me 2

Here Radcliffe is playing the role of a tech mogul named Walter. While the movie isn’t noteworthy but Radcliffe’s character is!

9)December Boys

In December Boys Radcliffe for the first time was seen playing a role outside Harry Potter to the audience. The movie stood at distinction but the film does provide us with a fine performance from the actor of the magical world.

8) Jungle

The jungle is based on a true-life story of Israeli adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg, who fought danger while travelling through the Amazon rainforest in 1981. Here Radcliffe performance goes bold and fearless promising us his intense commitment to the role required. A clear proof of his dedication and talent.


Woah that was too quick Daniel! Daniel Radcliffe went from a boy wizard named Harry Potter to an undercover FBI analyst. Here the Harry Potter actor is shown pushing himself away from his child-friendly image and trying his hand on an image to provide us with an introspective and challenging role.

6)Kill your Darlings

Here Radcliffe played the role of a revolutionary poet at the forefront of the Beat Generation who is most famous for his flop poem “Howl”. In this movie, he was seen becoming a literary darling giving a gently romanticized performance.

5) The Woman In Black

While he might be looking young than the role required, but the performance was terrific . Daniel Radcliffe gave a sober gently compelling performance in 2012’s moody, atmospheric period piece horror film, The Woman in Black. A supernatural film adapted from Susan Hill’s novel of the same name from 1983. The resulting film might not be remembered as a classic, but Radcliffe’s work elevates it into a tale that’s worth remembering.

4)What If

Everything’s going right when we see this rom-com. We actually realise here that he is the best fit for a lovelorn genre. By the time the movie’s emotional final moments arrive on the screen, What If has already won your heart.

3) Trainwreck

The actor’s presence in R-rated comedy is among the funny movie’s best moments despite not playing a huge role. Radcliffe gets to cheekily play up his more adventurous artistic side seen from the past few years, while also serving the audience with comedy.

2)Lost In London (2017)

Lost in London is a buzzy, one-shot achievement that provides thrills and humour in equilibrium. Here we see him making a last-minute appearance in the nocturnal, disorienting live movie’s final screen moments.

1)Swiss Army Man(2016)

Daniel Radcliffe provided his most lively, inquisitive, physical and enthralling performance playing a corpse in the excellent Swiss Army Man. In this one, he proved the boldest yet most rewarding acting challenge to date.

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