Paul Wesley Turns 39: Here are Top 10 Movies and TV Shows of the heartthrob


Paul Wesley, the handsome and a very popular face, rose to fame after his portrayal of Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Dairies. You may even know him as the actor in the viral clip who didn’t know who Madison Beer was and thought it was the name of a beer brand. Today, as the actor turns 39, here are top 10 movies and tv shows, he has been an integral part of:

10. Batwoman (TV Show)

Paul has tried many different roles in his career and in 2020, Paul Wesley got the opportunity to appear in one episode, both as an actor and a producer on Batwoman. The episode, titled A Narrow Escape, aired on July 19th, 2020.

09.  The Late Bloomer (Movie)

Paul Wesley played the role of Charlie, who is actress Brittany Snow’s boyfriend in the film. It is interesting to note that this was actually a reunion for Paul and Brittany since they already worked together in Guiding Light.

08. Roll Bounce (Movie)

Paul Wesley tries to play a new character as the movie Roll Bounce is a comedy-drama film set in 1978.

07. Fallen (Movie)

Paul Wesley plays the role of a high school jock who finds out that he has powers – in fact, he is a half-angel and half-man. This movie is based on a bestselling book series and is a fantastic “good versus evil” story.

06.  Tell Me A Story (Tv Show)

Pictured: Paul Wesley as Tucker Reed of the CBS All Access series TELL ME A STORY. Photo Cr: Connie Chornuk/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Wesley proves that he can play psychological thrillers also with this movie. Paul Wesley was cast to play the role of Tucker Reed, who is one of the lead characters on the show.

05. Smallville (Tv Show)

Not only Catwoman but Paul has also starred in a superhero television series that was created based on the DC Comics character, Superman!

04. The O.C. (Tv Show)

Though Paul had a short appearance in the show, he definitely left an impact on his fans. Wesley appears in season 1, episode 5 as Donnie, a teenager who worked with Ryan at the Crab Shack.

03. 24 (Tv Show)

Wesley has a small role where he played Stephen Wesley, the husband of Kim Bauer. He appeared in a total of four episodes in seasons 7 and 8, for which he was credited as a guest star.

02. The Originals (Tv Show)

The Originals is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, which is about the original vampires, who started the race of vampires. Paul Wesley appears as Stefan Salvatore in the 14th episode of season 3, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire,’ and helps the Mikaelson family.

01. The Vampire Diaries (Tv Show)

And finally, the one you all have been waiting for! Paul Wesley played one of the lead roles in the series as the good-hearted vampire Stefan Salvatore, who is worlds different from his brother, Damon Salvatore. He basically plays the ‘good brother.’


Which are your favourite Paul Wesley movies or Tv shows?


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