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Dane Cook Talks About His Age Gap Of 27 Years With Fiancée Kelsi Taylor! All You Need To Know

For Dane Cook and his fiancée, Kelsi Taylor, age is not an issue. 

The comedian, who proposed to the 23-year-old fitness instructor in July, said that he tested his new stand-up special, Dane Cook: Above It All, on his fiancee before releasing it to the public.

During the Oct. 4 debut of his new special, he exclusively revealed to E! News, “She saw everything that I was working on for the show.” “Keep that in mind, she advised. I believe that section will be fantastic. Even some amusement at our expense is included. 

What relationship-related features did he bring to the stage? Of course, they are 27 years apart in age. We have a small age gap, so that will come over in the show, he said. “No one else is allowed if we can’t laugh at it.” 

The Good Luck Chuck actor proposed to Kelsi on July 13 at York Beach, Maine, where they had taken their first trip together in 2017, five years into their relationship. The couple is currently preparing for their wedding and is looking forward to starting a family. 

And while marriage can change some people, Dane is confident that his new relationship will improve the humour in his jokes. 

He told E! News, “I was simply practising some material on her the other day, saying, ‘Hey, I think I have maybe my first what it’s like to be married joke.'” She, therefore, received exclusivity. She gave it a try and said, “I like that. That one is excellent. “

He added, “Growing up among a generation of comedy enthusiasts, I believe it will change in the manner in which I have always hoped. When I spoke to the students, I was a college student. And to experience childhood among comedy enthusiasts. Now, their children attend my show. I prioritise my family, so I’m thinking about Kelsey and our future together as well as our family. The timing of everything seems to be perfect. “

About Dane Jeffrey Cook

Dane Jeffrey Cook is an American stand-up comedian and actor (born March 18, 1972). He has six comedy CDs, such as Isolated Incident, Retaliation, Vicious Circle, and Rough Around the Edges: Live from Madison Square Garden. 

Retaliation reached number one on the charts for the first time in 28 years in 2006 and was certified platinum. He appeared in three straight-to-DVD specials: Rough Around The Edges (which is featured on the album of the same name), an HBO special named Vicious Circle from late 2006, and Isolated Incident from Comedy Central in 2009.

He is renowned for his use of observant, frequently coarse, and occasionally dark humour.

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