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Who Is Courtney Sheilds Ex-Boyfriend And Why Did She Broke Up With Him?

Berklee College of Music alumna Courtney Sheilds is a singer, songwriter, and blogger residing in Austin. Courtney has prioritized her social media endeavors as a YouTuber and Instagram celebrity in addition to her music career.

She posts videos on her YouTube account that offer styling and cosmetic advice. She also started Bow & Brooklyn, her jewelry line. Despite her immense popularity, the public’s attention has been drawn to her recent breakup with her ex-boyfriend. Let’s talk about everything there is to know about Courtney Sheild ex-boyfriend!!

Courtney Sheilds Ex-Boyfriend

Courtney Shields announced on Instagram that she and Ishaan Sutaria, her fiancé, had called it quits on their engagement. On August 4, 2021, the blogger and designer made the announcement.

Courtney disclosed their breakup on her Instagram Stories, saying as much:

“I believe in love and as someone who has considered myself as a hopeless romantic, I guess I am also realising that sometimes love isn’t enough.”

“Over this past weekend, I decided to end my engagement and relationship. I think being in this kind of love, super deep love, where you fall fast and hard can blind you to some things and some red flags.”

“At the end of the day for me, while it’s like the hardest thing, it’s the decision that I know I need to make for myself and my family. My heart is hurting a lot right now but in my mind, I know that this is the right call.”

Courtney Sheilds Ex-Boyfriend
Courtney Sheilds Ex-Boyfriend

Who Is Ishaan Sutaria Exactly?

Ishaan is the CEO and co-founder of Wave TV, a media firm that focuses on sports. Football, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, eSports fitness, weightlifting, and women’s sports are among the sports they include in their programs.

In fewer than two years, Ishaan established the television empire. Wave TV garnered over 50 million monthly engagements and 800 million views per month in 2017.

Courtney Sheilds’ Professional Outlook

The media sources claim that Courtney started as a vocalist. She began concentrating on her music career after earning her degree from Berklee College of Music. Additionally, she released the tracks Messy and Miss You Sometimes. However, she eventually decided to enter the fashion industry.

Here is an Instagram post with respect to Courtney Sheilds:

She started working as a Sales Associate at “344 on Newbury” in January 2009. She was employed by the organization for more than a year before departing in May 2010. She then started working as a music instructor in Austin. For three years and seven months, she was a music instructor.

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She started blogging online in January 2014. Courtney Shields gained popularity after a while and started her beauty blog. She then started her own clothesline and fashion brand. She also created a YouTube channel on which she posted her blogs about beauty.

Following some experience, she also started the blog Courtney currently has millions of fans across all social media platforms. She also started “Bow & Brooklyn,” her line of fashion jewelry. In addition, Courtney Shields offers a variety of gift goods and collections for the summer and winter. She is currently one of the nation’s most well-known bloggers.

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