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Cody Rhodes Injury: The Story Behind WWE Night of Champions’ Suspense

Cody Rhodes will face Brock Lesnar at WWE Night of Champions on May 27, but he won’t be competing at his best. The American Nightmare supposedly made an appearance on Raw this week with a kayfabe injury that appeared to be a broken arm.

WWE Cody Rhodes Injury Update

Cody Rhodes Injury
Cody Rhodes Injury

In the WWE RAW footage that debuted today, Brock Lesnar savagely attacked Cody Rhodes backstage. When the Beast got closer to the arena, he caught his opponent off guard and broke his arm with what appeared to be a beer keg.

After he announced he wouldn’t be able to make it, Rhodes disclosed the Night of Champions Open Challenge.

About the forthcoming match between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar, WWE tweeted:

As the American Nightmare returned to face the ten-time world champion and found himself trapped in a Kimura lock, furious onlookers watched as Brock Lesnar seemed to break Cody’s arm live on television.

Triple H wanted to call off the battle at Night of Champions, but Rhodes was adamant about going through with it. The planned match for this Saturday will go on as planned, despite Brock Lesnar’s assertions that he will host an Open Challenge. This suggests that Cody Rhodes’ arm injury was a prop for a performance.

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Real injuries hardly ever show up in staged scenes, and Lesnar has a history of faking many “broken” limbs on TV. WWE is the most beloved and viewed sport. Lesnar “broke” Triple H’s arm during a WWE RAW broadcast in April 2012.

At SummerSlam, The Beast broke Shawn Michaels’ arm again and handled him in the same manner. It was all a planned act to make Brock look horrible and up the suspense in the story because neither HBK nor The Game sustained any serious injuries.

It’s still conceivable that Cody Rhodes will attend Night of Champions even after what happened at the most recent WWE RAW broadcast. However, the plot damage will not help him.

Because of his injured arm, Brock is anticipated to win the upcoming match, paving the way for an exciting rematch in August’s SummerSlam.

What Happened to Cody Rhodes Hands?

During the May 22 WWE Raw show, Brock Lesnar attacked Rhodes behind the scenes, breaking his arm with a metal canister. Later that night, Lesnar got the better of Rhodes during a brief altercation, locked him in the Kimura, and seemed to break his arm.

Did Cody Rhodes lose his nose against Rey Mysterio?

On January 21, 2011, during their fight, Rey Mysterio smacked Rhodes in the face with his exposed knee brace, shattering his nose. Rhodes claimed that as a result, he was no longer dashing and required cosmetic restoration surgery. Please feel free to leave us a remark below if you have any questions or comments.

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