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‘Bones and All’ will be released in theatres on November 23

The movie Bones and All by Luca Guadagnino will be released in the United States on November 18. MGM has released a second trailer for the movie about a month before that date.

In the first trailer, Leonard Cohen’s “You Want It Darker?” played in the background as quick cuts showed scenes from the movie with little dialogue. In the latest trailer, however, the song is gone to make room for a lot of dialogue and longer, but still quick, flashes of scenes, characters, and plot points.

Bones and All is based on Camille DeAngelis’s 2015 novel of the same name. It’s been called a coming-of-age, romantic, cannibal road movie, but what makes it stand out is that it’s Timothée Chalamet’s latest film after he did four in 2021 (The French Dispatch, A Man Called Scott, and Don’t Look Up).

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But Chalamet, who has pinkish-red curls that are his trademark, doesn’t get much special attention in the clips. Only a few close-ups stand out.

An Eater runs into another Eater

The trailer starts with what seems like a lovely scene: a sleepover in a girl’s bedroom, where Taylor Russell (Escape Room) plays Maren, a young woman who is getting a manicure from a friend.

“You can’t stay the night?” asks the friend who is interested. When Maren says, “No, not all night,” the next question is, “Where did you move here from anyway?” She says, “Eastern Shore.”

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The girl says, “Try that,” and holds out her finger for Maren to smell. Instead, Maren bites it, which makes the girl scream so loud that her blood boils.

Now that we know the movie is scary and has a cannibalism theme, the screen is mostly dark as Russell’s character, Maren, runs out of the house and into the night. The title says “Director Guadagnino” and a sinister synth beat turns up the tension in the movie.

We see Maren yelling “Dad!” and banging on the front door, and her father, played by André Holland, tells her, “When the police come, you have to be out of here.”

In a voice-over, Holland can be heard saying, “I can’t help you any more; I know it’s not your fault.” This is heard over shots of Maren’s stress. You were born like this—you had to eat them. I don’t know why.”

Maren takes a bus out of town and meets Chalamet as Lee soon after. It looks like it’s either just before dawn or just before dusk. “I smelt you. “I didn’t know I could do that,” Maren tells Chalamet, who is wearing torn jeans and has his chest bare.

Maren tells Lee that she thought she was the only one while they were sitting in a car. “I don’t want to hurt anyone!” Maren cries out, and Lee’s answer is calm: “Notable final words.”

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On the Road, Love, and Cannibalism

As the couples start their road trip, the title says, “This November,” and we see glimpses of how their relationship is getting stronger. A character named Sully, played by a menacing Mark Rylance in the shadows, says in a scary way, “I came looking for you.” This stops the slight feeling of hope.

Maren tells Lee that Sully could smell her from half a mile away, and she asks Lee if he could do the same. Lee says, “Not that far.” Rylance’s Sully then says, “I’ve got rules for you: never, ever, ever eat an eater!”

Blood-stained beds, Maren running around frantically, and a disturbing pan over a stern-looking Native American in a street scene are some scary things that happen between the cuts.

Lee says in a voiceover, “We don’t have many choices: either you eat, you kill yourself, or you lock yourself in there!”

Several other dangerous people are shown in creepy close-ups while shots of yelling cannibals play in the background. The trailer ends with a montage of running, scary close-ups, and violent scenes with lines like “You’ve been following me” and “We’ve got unfinished business.”

In this second trailer for the movie theatre, Bones and All is shown to be a very intense love story that has the blood of cannibalism running through it.

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Even though there isn’t much music, Oscar-winning composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross will give this project a lot of power with their great score work.

The preview doesn’t show much of the supporting cast, but it includes Michael Stuhlbarg, Chlo Sevigny, Jessica Harper, David Gordon Green, Jake Horowitz, Francesca Scorsese, and Anna Cobb. It’s likely that they will be a big help to the main actors.

This nearly two-minute-and-thirty-second trailer gives people a lot to think about by giving them a sneak peek into Lee and Maren’s dangerously sexy world and how tense their adventures will be when the movie comes out next month.

This movie has gotten a lot of buzzes because it’s Guadagnino’s latest and brings him back together with Chalamet and Stuhlbarg from Call Me by Your Name. It will be interesting to see how people react to this Thanksgiving Day movie. In this case, it’s safe to say that there will be bones about it.

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