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The second season of the Japanese anime series Citrus will be released on October 12th, 2018. The story follows a girl named Yuzu Aihara who transfers to a new school and meets Mei Aihara, her half-sister she never knew about. She is drawn into her sister’s world of love triangles and drama in the fashion industry.

Citrus is a misunderstood series; it has far more depth and complexity than gossip would indicate. People have been quick to brush aside any part of the story as a gratuitous lesbian act, rather than assessing its function in the plot.

On the surface, ‘Citrus appears to be an anime about a love between two women; it’s a popular theme in adult anime today. However, the majority of people fail to go much further than the basic concept and lose out on all that it has to offer. Although it contains violent sequences, lesbian peeping isn’t a violent film.

Some of the most important characters in anime history are featured in Citrus, including Mio Kouzuki and Rika Furude. Because of its fantastic story, unforgettable characters, and endearing emotions, citrus is worth seeing.

The first season of Project Runway has amassed a huge following since it debuted last year. The show’s second season is already being demanded by fans who watched the first. Let’s have a look at what the creators have put in the citrus season 2 basket for us to enjoy.

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When Can We Expect The Second Season Of Citrus?

There is currently no release date for season 2 of Citrus. It will be delivered in the summer of 2022, but not later. The creators of the anime rarely take long breaks between seasons, as the first season was published three years ago. The general public had a negative response to it, however, with numerous vicious remarks.

The company behind the anime, Studio Passione, is also known for publishing one-season anime, suggesting that it may not be renewed for a second season. There’s always a chance that the anime will be renewed if enough people like it.

Is it possible that Bones has been renewed for another season? Or, was this whole thing a publicity stunt and the show is now officially cancelled? You may not know what to think. (Latest Update)

Citrus Season 2 Cast-

If we can expect the same characters to appear in citrus season 2 as we saw in citrus season 1, it will be highly unlikely.

  • Yuzu Aihara is the voice of Yayana Taketatsu.
  • mei Aihara is voiced by Minami Tsuda.
  • Yukiyo Fujii voices Harumi Taniguchi in the English language version of Densha Otoko.
  • Shiori Izawa is a Japanese word for “festival” that refers to a gathering in which people gather together to perform rituals and celebrate.
  • Yurika Kubo mouthpieces Himeko Momokino
  • Ikumi Hayama is a Kansai dialect speaker.
  • Sara Tachibana is also represented by Sarah Sayo. Hisako Kanemoto’s thoughts about Sara Matcha’s poem
  • I called the representatives of Rei Matsuzaki.
  • Maeno Mouthpieces in Aihara TOMOAKI Maeno’s mouthpieces were originally manufactured by Aihara.
  • Ume Aihara is one of Kana Ueda’s favorite artists.
  • Ryunosuke Komuro states that the great Meiji inventor was my grandfther, Ryunosuke Arimoto.
  • Jeon Jeong Min’s voice actor, Reiko Suzuki, wails for Mineko Fuji.
  • Sho Nogami communicates Amamiya
  • The Voice actress, Haruka Yamazaki, explains the Japanese language.
  • Yuka Otsubo asserts Manami

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Citrus Season 2 Plot-

The story of citrus is both fascinating and quarrelsome. Yuzu and Mei are two schoolgirls who fall in love with each other during their time at an all-girls institution. The two women met as strangers, but discovered they were step-sisters later. Yuzu and Mei’s love story is replete with romantic entanglements.

After a year of dating, Yuzu finally revealed her secret feelings for Mei to Yuzu at the end of season one. Jealousy began to grow between Yuzu and Yuzu as a result of her inability to respond honestly. We may anticipate seeing more unpleasant interactions between Mei and Yuzu as they struggle to sort out their emotions and libido if citrus is approved for season 2.

Season two will pick up where the previous season left off, according to the source manga series. The manga has ten volumes, and we still have six to go. After publishing the original manga series in Shogakukan’s Monthly Shonen Sunday magazine, creator Katsuhiro Otomo retired from professional manga. However, a new source material for the well-known Japanese Yuri has been created.

Saburouta’s Citrus Plus, a roll manga work published in November 2019, is one of them. It was a great success! With such source materials available, fans are hopeful that a second citrus season of the anime adaptation will be produced in the future.

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