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Citrix Data Rooms and Their Role in Corporate Storage Solutions

Citrix Systems is an American multinational company that provides networking software as a service (SaaS) and other cloud computing technologies for organizing business operations in a digital space. Citrix offers various software applications for business needs.

The Main Information about the Company

Citrix builds the secure digital workspace technology that frees 400000 customers to do their very best work from anywhere. In 2011, Citrix Systems acquired ShareFile, adding the Citrix ShareFile dataroom software to its wide range of workplace collaboration products. Citrix ShareFile (Workspace) is virtual data room software designed for medium-sized and large companies. It offers a range of business services that support the work of companies through a cloud platform and ensure the security of their instruments.

The Citrix data room service includes secure document viewing solutions, click-trailing reports for transparent business monitoring, and file check-outs for updating a document in no-access mode. Other characteristics:

  • The security protocols and technologies of the Citrix electronic data room are audited according to the SOC 2 and SSAE 16 standards. 
  • Citrix ShareFile combines virtual and physical security and offers numerous data protection features such as 256-bit SSL encryption, two-factor authentication and single sign-on. 
  • The Citrix data room customer support team is available 24/7 via chat, phone or email.

Citrix Sharefile (Workspaces) is trusted by over four hundred thousand directors around the world. That is why today’s product satisfies all branches of medium and large companies. The developers are constantly working on improvements so that each office can focus on its core goals. This data room services provider is a popular tool in the real estate industry, private equity firms and financial advisors. Although these are not all users of the VDR, they all have some common features. Also if you want to know more about the main features of the best virtual room providers go to

The Main Features about the Citrix Data Rooms

The VDR software automatically synchronizes, enables bulk uploads and offers backups. Every tool that is necessary for handling documents is available here. The Q&A module facilitates communication between colleagues in daily work and transactions. Easy communication in Citrix Virtual Workspaces is another option that customers find convenient and useful. Citrix Sharefile is one of the most expensive tools out there. According to the reviews, the product lives up to its price in terms of quality and number of features. By filling out a short form on the provider’s website, anyone can take advantage of a 14-day free trial period.

Citrix Systems is a reliable company that provides cloud services for online business deals and employee workflow needs. Citrix Workspaces is virtual data room software for online businesses and includes all the tools required for document management. Customers can use additional software from Citrix Systems to cover process requirements.

Application of Virtual Citrix DataRooms in Business

The virtual data room is a special cloud solution. Companies can use it to digitally send or store their confidential files. The virtual data rooms differ from a physical data room where documents are available at a fixed location in paper form.

The use of virtual data rooms is increasing. Global economic markets and the digitization of processes can be cited as reasons. Companies are required to provide their paper documents in digital form. You can no longer avoid a virtual data room these days. Internationally active companies in particular benefit from this in the case of overarching projects. Documents with sensitive and time-critical information are accessible to multiple participants through virtual data rooms.

A digital data room can be reached in two different ways:

  • One option is access via the web browser. 
  • The other possibility is a special VDR application. 

Calling up the files in the cloud in the browser offers a quick overview of all documents. The content view is very similar to the structure of a local hard drive.

In order to edit confidential files, they often have to be downloaded first. An upload to the cloud is then required. If you are not familiar with working in online data rooms, you can make mistakes here. These have a negative effect on the security of data or operational work processes. As a special VDR for mergers and acquisitions applications, Citrix mirrors the data room and makes it look like a local folder. So the folder is either replicated locally or synced virtually.

Safety First: Secure Data in Citrix Cloud Storage

A software that offers a virtual space for data management has one main task. It efficiently manages files and keeps them safe. If necessary, the tool enables the transaction of documents with other users.

Working with confidential documents is part of everyday life in many companies. Virtual data rooms are important for companies that have previously carried out transactions and the management of documents in paper form. These include companies from the financial sector, the real estate industry and in the area of mergers & acquisitions (M&A). Syndicating loans or private equity are concrete use cases based on virtual or electronic data room.

The focus is always on transactions involving documents containing sensitive information. Virtual data rooms are revolutionizing work in these industries. The digitization of documents conserves resources and saves a lot of time. Depending on the project, everyone involved can access important files at the same time.

Users often share sensitive content in these data rooms. Data security is therefore an absolute priority in Citrix VDR applications. The following functions reliably guarantee this protection:

  • Authentication procedures
  • Secure login
  • Dynamic watermarks
  • Temporary or local access

Many companies and business partners underestimate the handling of confidential information. A loss of such data not only leads to the end of the business relationship. In the worst case, far-reaching legal consequences threaten.

For this reason, data security is a mandatory requirement for virtual data room. Therefore, pay attention to this property when choosing the right provider.

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