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Directorpoint Board Portal and How it Can Enhance Your IT Management

Any business with a board of directors will benefit from using the robust board management software called Directorpoint. 

A few words about Directorpoint

The company that created this paperless board software is American and was established in 2012. Fortune 500 organizations are among the clientele of this supplier. But if you are speaking on behalf of a small non-profit group, there is no justification for ignoring this vendor. The most feature-rich board software available, Directorpoint makes it simple to locate what you need to elevate your board meetings. 

Depending on the size of your business and the number of users, Directorpoint provides a number of price alternatives. Prices per user/month start at 15 USD. All price plans are subject to volume reductions. An excellent opportunity to learn more about the product is the free demo that prospective customers may schedule. Read on for our overview of directorpoint board portal to see if this product is right for you or not.


Software like Directorpoint is available everywhere and at any time. All meeting participants have access to a wide choice of options. Because the directors can make crucial choices quickly, its adoption will improve the organizational process and operational performance, increasing the business’s profitability.

Ability to view and comment on the documentation

To view all the key files he has access to, a user only has to enter into his member virtual boardroom account. The document may also be modified or commented on with the administrator’s permission. As a result, each conference attendee will be able to:

  • tell your thoughts and ideas in the simplest and most accessible way;
  • make necessary corrections to the document if an error has been made or if important new information has appeared;
  • make a request to add any changes to the plan.

Additionally, Directorpoint offers the ability to cast a crucial vote from any location at any time. A meeting member can cast his vote without any problems, even if he is away on business.

Access to the protected archive

No part of your old data will be forgotten with this application. Moreover, they will be protected in the most stable way the board meeting management software has to offer. Any old meeting will be provided to you in video format or as logging. It all depends on the initial settings you made before using it.

Security settings

Even though this is one of the basic features, it is also different from the competition. After all, there are: 

  • The administrator can add and remove users as he or she sees fit. 
  • The administrator can change the name and password of each user who has requested this action.
  • The administrator can enter personal information about users, if they have given permission to do so.
  • Two-factor authentication can be enabled here if required by your security policy.
  • You can change the theme of the entire service if you don’t like the default one.

The Benefits that are Guaranteed by this Software

Using Directorpoint will enable quick and, more significantly, secure access to all necessary data because of a variety of advantageous characteristics, including:

  1. High level of security is provided since logging in requires a secret password from the user in this board portal. If necessary, the application administrator can add additional requirements for logging into the account. Normally, this is not required, as there is an abundance of security right out of the box.
  2. Setting up fingerprint access and two-factor authentication for mobile apps. This is turned on as required by the security policy that’s in place within your company. This can also be turned off.
  3. If the user is inactive for a while, an automatic logout will occur. This can be disabled by the administrator. It is best to train users to lock their personal computer every time they step away from it. This way, attackers will not be able to intercept access even if the automatic logout has not occurred.
  4. Strong encryption provides the highest level of safety for all important data over board document management. This application has military-grade encryption certification, which is typically used by civilian high-security infrastructure. We are talking about businesses such as banks and high-level financial institutions.
  5. You can quickly locate the file or folder you need with the aid of an efficient search engine. Advanced artificial intelligence is used here to help synchronize and optimize all the data that is stored both in the archive and in the real storage.
  6. If a user has a problem or a query, professional assistance is offered around-the-clock. The support service is available 24 hours a day without breaks or weekends. This is a good enough option for staff who are not quite familiar with computers and for those employees who have difficulty with innovations. You will not waste a second of your time with professional teachers, and the factor of human error is minimized.
  7. A meeting may be easily planned and conducted thanks to the administrator’s access to a variety of Directorpoint capabilities. These options can be modified both before and after the meeting as well as during it.
  8. All participants receive reminders about upcoming meetings. Notifications can come via cell phone or personal computer.

Directorpoint is truly cutting-edge software that should stand up to any kind of competition for a place under the sun. Even though the market is crowded with major players, this product has a lot to offer. We have been using this product as a test for a couple of months, and we have noticed that it has exceptional speed. We haven’t seen that in quite some time with even the best products based on reviews. Speaking of reviews, We couldn’t find a single decent critical review of this product, so we took it upon ourselves.

You already know our conclusion. The price is extremely comfortable in relation to the functionality, which is really pleasing. There are no hidden fees, so you won’t be caught off guard at the end of the month. We advise you to start with this product if you want to use any board software.


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