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Who Is Christian Petroni Wife And How Many Children Do They Have?

Everybody who watches Food Network is familiar with the show Chopped. When the show is being discussed, people are familiar with Christian Petroni, the program’s recurring judge.This intriguing individual has also been on reality shows as a professional chef.

He was born on September 9, 1984. Christian attended the New York Restaurant School for Culinary Arts after being born and raised in The Bronx, New York City.

Similarly, he went to Naples, Italy, to learn how to cook. On the other hand, Petroni had a particular taste for gastronomy at a young age. Moreover, he really enjoyed cooking Italian food.

Now a seasoned judge on the Food Network show, Petroni is a successful chef who has mastered the multiethnic cooking style. We will discuss all there is to know about Christian Petroni wife in this article.

Who Is Christian Petroni Wife?

Despite being a well-known television personality, Petroni has kept her marriage a secret. According to a number of news outlets, Christian Petroni and his longtime partner Sheri Sicurella are now blissfully married.

Petroni asked her to marry him after nearly three years of dating. Ultimately, they were married in Stamford, Connecticut, at a private ceremony attended only by close friends and family.

Who Is Christian Petroni Wife?
Who Is Christian Petroni Wife?

July 17, 2016, was the day of their marriage. From the photos on social media, Petroni and his wife appear to be enjoying themselves. Their bond has become even deeper as a result of having children together.

Here is an official Instagram post uploaded by Christian Petroni:

Does Christian Petroni Have Any Children?

Christian and his wife Sheri have been busy parents to two lovely children of their own. Their first child, a son named Beau Petroni was born in 2017.

Similarly, Christian was overcome with joy upon the birth of their daughter in November 2019. Briar Petroni was the name they gave her.

The Petroni family’s life had obviously transformed as a result of having their lovely children. It appears likely that the children will follow in the footsteps of their well-known father, even though it might still be too early to tell.

How Much Is Christian Petroni’s Net Worth?

Petroni, however, has not disclosed his net worth. However, several news outlets claim that his net worth ranges from $1 to $5 million. He makes a significant amount of money from his work as a TV program judge and cook.

It’s widely believed that Petroni earns a respectable salary for each show he produces. Additionally, Christian is the CEO and proprietor of Fortina, an Italian eatery.

Being at the top of the order indicates that he undoubtedly makes a lot of money from his company. He recently won the award for The Next Food Network Star.

Have a look at the official Twitter post below:

Restaurants Owned By Christian Petroni

Restaurants owned by chef Christian Petroni suffered greatly as a result of the pandemic. Before founding Fortina, he collaborated with Andy Pforzheimer and the Barteca Group.

He co-founded the Fortina restaurant company in 2013 with partner John Nealon, and he was its previous owner. Before leaving, he opened the restaurant in five different sites around Connecticut and New York.

He had intended to leave before the outbreak, therefore it was not the epidemic that made him decide to leave the Fortina restaurant. He departed Fortina, saying that he wanted to go and see the other world. According to Petroni, managing a restaurant is tough, and COVID made things considerably harder.

Additionally, he is shown working at Bertucci’s Brick Oven & Pizza, where the menu includes the chef’s pizza as well as other dishes. It was the chef who founded Gabagool Media. The company is a multi-media consultant that produces content for small businesses and chefs.

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