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Brittany Renner Net Worth (Updated 2022): How did the American fitness freak become so famous?

Fitness model and aspiring actress Brittany Renner have a net worth of $500,000.  After the breakup between Brittany and NBA star PJ Washington, she was the talk of the town. Further, she has a massive online presence.

Brittany Renner: Net Worth

It is believed that Brittany Renner has a net worth of over $500,000 at present (updated 2022).  In addition to her fitness modeling, she also has acting aspirations and lives in the United States.  Besides running a successful business, she is also an avid athlete and the owner of a fitness website where she markets and sells athletic apparel, yoga apparel, fitness equipment, and more. 

She is pretty wealthy and spends a lot of money on frivolous things. Her yearly salary in 2022 is expected to be over $80,000. Mostly, she makes money from endorsement deals related to her social media and apparel brands. Brittany shot to fame after her split with NBA player PJ Washington.




Net Worth:$500,000
Name:Brittany Renner
Source of wealth:Fitness Model / Influencer
Relationship statusSingle
Date of Birth:26 March 1992
Age:29 years
Height:167 cm (5 feet 6 inches)

Brittany Renner: Early Life

Brittany Renner was born in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, on February 26, 1992. She is of half-African-American, half-Caucasian descent. Her parents’ information is scarcely available in the public domain. She has also grown up alongside her two siblings. Lexi Renner is her sister, while Steve Renner is her brother. Regarding her hobbies, she was always involved in outdoor activities. 

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As a result, she developed an interest in football. She proceeded to a local high school to finish her primary education, reflecting on her schooling. She afterward went to Jackson State University. She played football for Jackson State University throughout her stay there. Brittany Renner also won the SWAC championship in 2010.


Brittany Renner: Profession

Brittany started as a salesgirl. At the start of her career, the fitness model worked in a variety of fields, including Zumba teacher and CareGiver. Her Instagram account was the reason she first became famous. At the time of writing, the fitness model had over 4.5 million Instagram followers. Brittany rose to prominence by sharing fitness-related photographs on social media. 

She has only posted about 120 times so far. Some critics believe her fame stems from her book, Judge This Cover, which she published in 2018. In a nutshell, the book is divided into seven chapters in which she mentions seven people by codenames with whom she has slept. She also has a YouTube channel, which has posted four videos to date. 

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The channel now has over 20,000 subscribers. She also has a clothing brand that she sells on her website. Her fitness websites primarily sell sports-style hoodies, yoga trousers, and other fitness-related clothing. Her apparel line provides the majority of her income. 

Brittany Renner: Personal Life

Brittany Renner, the prominent fitness model, has a confusing love life. She recently ended her relationship with PJ Washington, a well-known American basketball star. PJ and Brittany welcomed their first child earlier this year, namely on May 6. They split up soon after their child was born. 

They unfollowed each other and erased all of their images from their own social media account. Furthermore, it appears that the basketball player, PJ, will have to spend roughly $200K every month to care for the newly born child until the child reaches the age of 18.

britney -PJ

Fans of PJ Washington believe that Brittany Renner, an American beauty, is robbing and trapping him. However, it has not been shown that the popular fitness model had similar motives prior to their relationship. However, there was once a report that she was pregnant with Colin Kaepernick. 

But when he initially heard the news, Colin flatly rejected it. Brittany Renner has also dated celebs, including Trey Songz, Colin Kaepernick, and Lil Uzi Vert.

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Why is Brittany Renner famous?

Brittany Renner rose to prominence after sharing her stunning and appealing photos on various social media platforms, particularly Instagram. She has over 5 million followers on Instagram. Brittany is a fitness model who got her start as a Zumba instructor.

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