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Books That Changed the World

Books are an amazing way to share a story or convey an important message with the help of characters. Books develop thinking and allow people to develop more actively. Many books, like the 22Bet app, were able to change the world. In today’s article, we will consider with you those books that are able to change people’s thinking or give them a new magical fantasy world. Well, let’s get started.


The Master and Margarita

Year of release: 1940.

Author: Mikhail Bulgakov.

This fantastic novel could not be filmed for a long time. “It was as if dark forces were interfering,” as the participants of the failed film adaptations told later. Until Bortko took up the case.

A novel that absolutely does not need advertising, and which has conquered the whole world.

A love story, a visual aid about human vices, a philosophical novel – everyone decides for himself what this book will become for him.

Three Comrades

Year of release: 1936.

Author: E. M. Remark.

There are three of them. Three friends who are united by a common front-line past. Comrades who were thrown into the jaws of world wars, as well as other young people.

But, despite the ghosts of the past and the post-war crisis, we need to find our way and fight for what is dear.

The novel, filmed in 1938.

Portrait of Dorian Gray

Year of release: 1890.

Author: Oscar Wilde.

A scandalous and successful book from an author who has become popular at all times. A true masterpiece of English literature about a hero who fervently desired eternal life.

The novel was filmed twice, in 1945 and in 2009, but for all the beauty of the films, they, of course, could not compare with the book.

Portrait of Dorian Gray is among the most interesting world bestsellers, from which it is impossible to break away.

The Diary of Anne Frank

Year of release: 1960.

Author: Anne Frank.

One of the world’s most famous books written about the Holocaust. The book was first published in Holland, where a Jewish girl of 2 years wrote memoirs during the German occupation.

Today, this book, translated into 17 languages and sold millions of copies around the world, is considered one of the most popular in the world.

You won’t find here the literary smoothness of a venerable writer – it’s just a diary written by the hand of an ordinary 13-year-old girl whose childhood ended very quickly.

Over the Catcher in the Rye

Year of release: 1951.

Author: D. D. Salinger.

The boy Holden is only 16, he is a classic boy and a dreamer with a big heart.

A story for which there are no boundaries of time – as a reflection of tens of thousands of lives of young girls and boys, free from the framework, still able to dream and not noticing the near edge of the abyss.

Loneliness on the Web

Year of release: 2001.

Author: Ya. L. Vishnevsky.

A modern novel on the topical topic of human loneliness in the age of the Internet.

Is it possible to experience as many vivid emotions from falling in love online as in reality? How deceptive are these feelings? And then what happens when you decide to meet in real life?

A book that has become a bestseller, and which has not yet been surpassed in popularity by any novel with a similar theme.

Pride and Prejudice

Year of release: 1813.

Author: Jane Austen.

A real classic, timeless.

A world-famous work about a strong woman, absolutely free from prejudice, stereotyping, and even her poverty. Elite prose, which has become not only a classic of love literature, but also a whole life lived for readers – atmospheric, sensual, and relevant for all times.

Monday Starts on Saturday

Year of release: 1964.

Author: the Strugatsky brothers.

A book deservedly considered the pinnacle of the authors’ creativity. Psychological fiction, from which even those readers who have not yet had time to get acquainted with the work of the Strugatskys immediately come to delight.

The Great Gatsby

Year of release: 1925.

Author: F. S. Fitzgerald.

Sometimes it’s still better (and calmer) if dreams remain unfulfilled…

The book is about love and dreams, about the times of prohibition and post-war rapid enrichment, fashionable jazz, and capital, not made in the most honest way.

A successfully filmed novel in which the author has described his own love in a heartfelt and sensitive way.


Year of release: 1949.

Author: George Orwell.

A heavy, but super-popular grotesque novel about three powers constantly fighting (traditionally) for territories.

A book soaked through with hatred and fears associated with totalitarianism. Control over people, over their thoughts and feelings, over desires, mind control, and denial of any emotions and manifestations of freedoms. Total unfreedom, which, according to the author, is worse than nothing…

This book cannot be read on the run – it takes time to comprehend and understand.


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