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Bob Abishola Before And After: Know More About Billy Gardell’s Weight Loss Journey.

Bob Abishola is an American standup comedian and the main character in the CBS sitcom “Bob Hearts Abishola.” The show revolves around Bob’s pursuit of Abishola, a Nigerian immigrant nurse, and their eventual romance. While the show focuses primarily on their love story, Bob’s weight loss journey is a subplot that offers valuable lessons in health and persistence.

Billy Gardell’s Weight Loss: How Much Weight Did He Lose?

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You will be amazed to learn that the Mike & Molly star lost nearly 140 pounds or 63.5 kilograms. Gardell weighed at his heaviest 350 pounds. His journey to lose weight has been incredible, as he has lost an astonishing amount of fat. Billy Gardell weighs approximately 210 pounds at present. The actor’s weight resulted from his long-standing unhealthy food habits, which included eating fast food, smoking, and drinking. By eliminating unhealthy foods and altering his unhealthy lifestyle, he lost over 140 pounds.

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The Secret Behind Billy Gardell’s Weight Loss Journey

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Billy Gardell lost weight through simple exercises and dietary modifications. He began experimenting with new and effective methods, such as eliminating sodas, alcohol, and processed foods from his diet.

To maintain his healthy routine, the comedian also began preparing more nutritious foods independently. In addition, he became more active and incorporated physical activities into his daily routine.

Recognizing the importance of physical activity, the sitcom star began walking and jogging around his neighborhood every day for thirty minutes. However, after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Gardell chose to work with a personal trainer and nutritionist.

Despite his concerns, he revealed in an interview that CBS hired a fitness trainer for him. Along the way, he was supported by a team of experts and certified diabetes educators, including his licensed life coach Marlene Boas, celebrity fitness trainer Dolvett Quince, cookbook author for Type 2 diabetes, and certified diabetes educator. Franklin Becker and Laleh Mohajerani

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Billy Gardell Underwent Surgery

Not all Gardell’s remarkable weight loss is due to a lifestyle change. The 53-year-old disclosed that he underwent surgery after deciding to alter his lifestyle to reduce his risk of contracting COVID-19. The actor said he had bariatric weight loss surgery in July last year.

Gardell ensured that he remained unchanged after surgery by “changing everything I did.” He explained that he wasn’t necessarily encouraging others to undergo surgery and that it was his decision. “That was necessary for me, but it’s merely a tool. The real battle is still in [people’s] minds because they have grown so large once more.”

Gardell added that after weight loss surgery, most people have a “small window” to improve their lives, which he has been able to do thus far. He added, I do it a day at a time, and I’m so grateful that that happened for me. No more diabetes, no more bad blood numbers.”

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What Did Billy Gardell Have To Say About His Weight Loss?

During an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, the 53-year-old actor expressed his desire to alter his lifestyle: “I had to make a change. I had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and was taking medication to treat it. I have struggled with my weight for the entirety of my life.”

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Billy also disclosed that he lost 30 pounds during the Covid-19 outbreak. He continued, “I lost approximately 30 pounds. Then COVID struck. I had all of the ‘at risk’ indicators except for ‘over 65,’ so my bingo card was complete.s of commitment and effort. His accomplishments serve as motivation for those seeking. 

Bob Abishola’s weight loss journey is a testament to the effectiveness of making positive changes in their lives. Anyone can achieve health and fitness objectives with the proper mindset and tools. According to Bob, “You can only do it if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

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Final Words

In conclusion, Bob Abishola’s weight loss journey is a true testament to the power of dedication and hard work. His success story serves as an inspiration to all who are looking to make a positive change in their own lives. Anyone can achieve their health and fitness goals with the right attitude and tools. As Bob himself says, “You can do it – but only if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.


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