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Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Joins The Avalanche Crowd In Singing Along To “All The Small Things.”

A member of Blink-182  paid a visit to the Colorado Avalanche’s season opener on Wednesday night at Ball Arena, as if seeing the team back in action and having the 2022 championship banner raised to the rafters weren’t enough to drive Avs fans crazy. 

The band behind the popular song “All the Small Things,” which has become a fan favorite sing-along during Avalanche home games, is Blink-182. 

NHL on TNT tweeted on Wednesday, “Blink-182 is BACK and Mark Hoppus will be joining the AVS supporters for an in-arena sing-along.” 

Prior to their home debut matchup against the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday, the Colorado Avalanche unveiled their 2022 Stanley Cup banner. Blink-182, led by Mark Hoppus, the lead vocalist of Blink-182, joined the squad in the celebration by leading the crowd in a sing-along of the band’s hit song “All the Small Things.” 

As he addressed the fans at Ball Arena, Hoppus exclaimed, “What a season, what a squad.” Congratulations! You succeeded. Stanley Cup winners! We sincerely appreciate you including our band on your journey; it means the world to us. “

The song was released in 2000, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2019 that DJ Triple T started playing it during the third period of home games that it started to become a custom at Avalanche games. 

Sasha Kandrach wrote on the NHL website in May of this year, “The song has become somewhat of an anthem for the team itself and has been adopted as an endearing tradition among not just the passionate Avs Faithful, but has gained notoriety across the league and is recognized as synonymous with the organization.” 

In a June interview with Altitude Sports Radio 92.5, Hoppus claimed that the first time he watched a video of a third-period sing-along at Ball Arena, he was “blown away.” 

Hoppus stated that his goal was to “be jailed for trying to climb on a float” during the Avs championship celebration. That never happened, but before the team faced the Chicago Blackhawks, the singer and bassist joined hockey fans in a sing-along of “All the Small Things.”

While audience members listened, Hoppus performed with audience members while highlights from the summer of 2022 and the next season aired on the screen above while wearing an Avalanche jersey with his name on the back. The third championship banner in Avalanche history was then lifted to the rafters before the Stanley Cup was brought onto the ice.

When they defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games last June, the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup for the first time since 2001. Prior to the Avalanche’s victory in 2022, the Lightning had won back-to-back Stanley Cups and were making their third straight appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals.

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