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Blink 182 World Tour 2023; When And Where Will Blink 182 Perform In 2023?

Fans are especially excited about this 20th-anniversary tour because it has been over ten years since the band last went on the road.

Following the announcement that Blink 182‘ will go on tour in 2023, we’re looking at the cities and dates of their shows, as well as the ticket prices.

Blink 182: Who are they?

Mark Hoppus on bass and vocals, Tom DeLonge on guitar and vocals, and Travis Barker on drums make up the trio, which was founded back in 1992 in Poway, California. The band’s debut album, Cheshire Cat (1994), not only helped them become known to a global audience, but it also solidified their place in the pop-punk scene of the 1990s.

Following that first success, the group’s two subsequent albums, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2001) and Blink-182 (2003), propelled them to new heights. Indeed, the band would go on to sell more than 35 million albums worldwide thanks to a mix of radio play and the MTV platform.

What’s The Story Behind Blink 182? How Long Are Most Concerts?

Blink’s music has been characterized as having “catchy melodies wedded to rapid, basic guitar riffs,” and they have built their career on lyrical themes that frequently deal with adolescent angst, relationships, and other personal struggles. When it comes to their live performances, the majority of them often last for an hour and a half, with a normal set consisting of 14 songs. In the event that the band performs an encore, audiences may be able to hear up to three additional songs.

When And Where Will Blink 182 Perform In 2023?

How Much Do Blink 182 Concerts Cost In Terms Of Tickets?

It’s important to note that there has been some criticism of the upcoming tour by blink182‘s ticket prices. Don’t shoot the messenger, we say in response. Barry’s Tickets is one of the greatest sites to go to if you want to buy tickets.

There is a comprehensive list of the band’s upcoming gigs, including dates, locations, and, of course, ticket costs. The cost of a ticket ranges from about $150 on average to as low as $90 in rare cases, according to sources. You should purchase your tickets as soon as possible, whether you want to spend more money on VIP seats or are OK with standing room only.

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