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Bling Empire: New York : Release Date, Cast Details and Other Information

With the success of Bling Empire and its offshoots, Netflix is building a veritable reality TV empire. Netflix is set to release a New York-based spin-off of Bling Empire soon after the Dubai version.

That is right, you heard correctly. This time, New York City is the source of wealth and renown that will be broadcast to the rest of the world.

In New York City, where prestige is determined by one’s address rather than one’s land area, the show will follow a group of affluent, cultured, and amusing Asian Americans. Do you recall Dorothy Wang from the second season of Bling Empire?

Additionally, she plans to join the affluent community in Bling Empire: New York. Please keep reading to learn more about Bling Empire: New York and its upcoming release.

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The New York Premiere of Bling Empire

Bling Empire: New York, produced by Jeff Jenkins Productions and starring Jenkins, Russell Jay-Staglik, Elise Chung, Lenid Rolov, Ross Weintraub, and Reinout Oerlemans, is set to premiere sometime in the future. It is still marked as “coming soon” on Netflix.

Without keeping the audience waiting, we anticipate the reality TV series to premiere before the end of 2022. Got your ticket to New York City’s elite? Check out the new Dubai Bling spin-off as you wait for the release date of Bling Empire: New York.

New York’s Bling Empire Cast

Despite the release of a teaser trailer, Netflix has not yet released the cast for the spin-off Bling Empire: New York. Dorothy Wang, a Season 2 Bling Empire cast member, is the only known member of the cast.

In the preview, she declares, “New York City, I am here.” Dorothy uprooted her life in Los Angeles and headed east to New York at the close of Bling Empire Season 2.

Now that the new season has begun, she is prepared to dominate the male social scene. Dorothy says, “I am hoping that I will vibe with New York guys more than LA guys,” in between scenes in the teaser.

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I am currently unattached and looking for a relationship. They will get to meet Tina Leung, the It girl, alongside a thriving community of hip, wealthy, and ethnically diverse Asian Americans from New York.

Stephen and Deborah, a charismatic and vengeful combination, are also featured in the trailer. Additionally, fans can see Richard and Dorothy.

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Plot of Bling Empire: The New York

When the world’s wealthiest people, most influential business leaders, and most stylish people all gather together, what kind of show can we expect to see? More arrogance, wealth, diamonds, handbags, shimmering outfits, feathers, and couture will emerge from the denizens of the City that Never Sleeps in Bling Empire: New York Season 1.

A variety of billionaires from different backgrounds will engage in a competition for love, wealth, and dominance.

Preview of “Bling Empire” Set in New York

Is there a teaser for the first season of Bling Empire: New York? In any case, Netflix has recently unveiled the first official trailer for the spin-off. Do not miss the teaser if you have not already seen it.

The new season will feature a plethora of ostentatious Americans who drive flashy automobiles and fly on private jets while wearing designer duds. Take a look at the brand-new trailer down below

Other Information on New York’s Bling Empire

Since the producers of the original series, Bling Empire, have already published two seasons, it is possible that the planned spin-off, Bling Empire: New York, will not premiere until next year. It is possible that this weather pattern will begin in the first months of 2023.

Netflix’s synopsis for Bling Empire: New York reads, “Meet a new cast of wealthy, intelligent, and humorous Asian-Americans from New York City, where property value is determined by its location rather than its size. There are no secret codes in the conversations.

And competition is high for everything: a partner, a paycheck, and a seat at the table. There are billionaires, CEOs, and fashion icons all living in this metropolis.


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